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Some high-resolution photos

Here's a link to photos I took at the Ron Paul rally at Lindenwood University in St Charles (near St Louis). Feel free to use add inspirational quotes, or photoshop them, for non-commercial use to benefit the campaign and/or the ideas of liberty (for commercial use, i.e., selling prints for profit, I'll want a cut, of course!).


Some of them have been filtered for an artistic look, though on request, I can provide straight versions.

If anybody does anything with these, let me know!

(I can provide high quality prints up to 17x22" too, if anybody is interested in that. Will sell them for silver or dime cards!)

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So nice..:)

So nice..:)

Thanks for sharing .... anyone else notice ...

how Brent Strafford in image 0591 resembles


It's all one song!

Anybody want to photoshop a

Anybody want to photoshop a powdered wig on him?

Great Pics!

I may use one as a slider image for a blog I'm in the process of posting if you're ok with that. The first one with the crowd. I'll post it here when it's done (later tonight). Great work!!!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Go for it, looking forward to

Go for it, looking forward to seeing it!

I was there.


great pix!


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Thanks to all for the

Thanks to all for the compliments! There are many more photos in a gallery on my Facebook page (not as large, but if anybody wants bigger files of any of them, let me know):



As a Amateur Photographer myself, I love these pics.

We need more High Quality coverage of Ron at his speeches and such.


They really are beautiful pictures.

And, when magnified, they look like paintings.

Gorgeous photos.

What would you think about uploading one to wikimedia. They don't have such great ones on there and people use them all the time - especially local newspapers etc because they're allowed to and they don't have anything else on file.

Maybe this one:

Can you crop a little over to the left and get his shoulder in or is that the full frame?

(I totally understand if you don't want to)

Thanks, Shawker, Something

Thanks, Shawker,

Something like this? (I also removed the effect, so it's more of a straight photograph.)



The effect is nice though too. Gives it a slight oil painting feel but very subtle. Makes it look more special. what would you think about leaving it in?

I just added it to wiki! I

I just added it to wiki! I set up an account, surprised somehow by how easy it was! I added the non-painting version for that, because I figure it should be more "straight photojournalism" for that purpose.

Thanks for the suggestion, Shawker! I haven't added it to his actual entry though... think I should?

People are free to use the painting version (maybe I shouldn't give away my secret, but it's simply way overdone noise-reduction for other purposes, though!

not sure if you'd be able to

They have a lot of restrictions on who can edit wikipedia entries on politicians due to the abuse those entries get.

Just checked, it's semi-protected. you can click the silver lock in the top-right corner to see what that means. I think you need an account that has made at least 10 previous edits. Though it says you can use the talk page to suggest an edit. Maybe you could do that so who-ever looks over the Ron Paul page (generally a couple of dedicated wikipedians look over each page) will be notified of it's existence and they might then add it.

Do you think you could make a copy that larger crop with the nice effect so I can use it?

Here you

Great, I would've missed it

Great, I would've missed it if you hadn't sent the email. Thanks!


cool, glad it reached you

Hope more of them use it. It looks smart.

nice one!

Thanks again.

Very nice photos.

Very nice photos.

Thank you!

Thank you!