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Video: Ron Paul on Jay Leno

Part 1

Part II below:

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ron paul rally cry


Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Get vote info to Jay Leno

Maybe Jay Leno will talk about the vote info in NH


Can someone post this on the front page?

This is about H.R. 1955. Many know about this, but don't assume that every Ron Paul supporter knows this. I didn't. I just found this somewhere in Daily Paul this morning, but I can't remember where anymore.

This needs to be on the front page. This is SOOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE HELP! Ron Paul is in this video and it should also help his campaign greatly.

government of the people, by the people, for the people

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Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich ticket

I for one really think if it were the case for the Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich ticket, Dr. No would straighten out Mr. DK without any problem on strictly constitutional conduct of the federal gov. But I like to see the total destruction of the so-called 2 party system that they use to divide and conquer the American people, truly a rebirth of America, leading to the liberation of the human race.

Ron Paul/Barry Goldwater Jr. Ticket

Better yet, how about someone who shares the same viewpoints of Ron Paul; former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr? Dennis Kucinich agrees with Ron Paul on the War and that is about it. Kucinich is basically a socialist.

RP is doing really well in NH

Just deduce that from JR's openning statement... of course he did so for rating, none the less an excellent interview.

His 2nd time (that I know of) on the show

Great Interview! The first time I had ever heard of Ron Paul was when he was on Leno's show awhile back. After the show I looked him up at ontheissues.org and the rest is history. It was great to see him back on. Ron Paul has my Louisiana vote!

I have written Leno to thank him for having RP on the show again.

Remember Arnold Started on Leno

I think being on Leno is great, there are a lot of apathetic voters who watch late night TV that otherwise would not hear Ron Paul's message of Liberty, Peace and returning our government to it's Consitutional based roots. The last few years all we have heard from both sides is FEAR MONGERING!

BTW, I want to remind everyone that Arnold got his start on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has won two elections, in my heavily Democratic Majority State of California. I have always watched Letterman but I think that I really like Leno as a person and will start giving him my viewership and ratings.


I'm talking about MSM. They are not ready to expose themselves, yet.
But, Huckabee was on Letterman. They probably figured that NH watches Letterman more than Leno. Meanwhile, they probably thought that it was more important to hide their propaganda. I asked a friend at work what he thought about FOX, but he said, "Yeah, But other candidates were also excluded..." You see, "Yeah, But..." This is their tactic. They always provide some excuses for people to stay in denial.

WELL, WATCH THIS!!! This is closer to reality than to fiction, in my opinion.

government of the people, by the people, for the people

Proof that "fox" = "fixed"

Emperor Palpatine... er...I mean... Rupert Moloch's own words:

My Girlfriend Sees The Light

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've been trying to get my girlfriend into Ron Paul for 5 months now and she's resisted to no end. Shes a huge Hillary supporter and nothing would change it. Then we watched Leno last night and immediatly after she said these exact words..."Wow! If this guy doesnt win the presidency he better atleast be a Vice President because that was amazing"

Unfortunatly its a little too late bc we live in N.Y. and she would have had to switch parties already to vote for him, but still encouraging!

She Sounds Like Marriage Material!

I think you found a great woman and would not let her get away if I was you. I suggest you go out today, buy her and engagement ring and propose to her immediately. Good women do not grow on trees! I did not get married until I was 32 but I am glad I waited. I too am lucky, my wife loves Ron Paul almost (or more) as she loves me!

Ron Paul "America's Underdog"

I think Jay Leno has made Ron Paul America's new underdog. I wrote a post earlier saying how this along with Howard Stern's "endorsement" yesterday might create a "Sanjaya Effect"


I predict Ron Paul's latest 8% in the polls will get an additional 5% boost from this underdog status. 13% will be pretty good and keep him in contention.

Tim Maitski
Atlanta real estate agent
Atlanta real estate website

Thank you Jay, but please do not be naive - CANVASSING DVD

Please do not be naive all you Ron Paul supporters. Unless his internet support does somewhat translate into nomination or votes all discussions here are moot. You are all too much ahead of times, internet DID NOT replace political machines - yet. And he is running against tremendous odds - media-financial complex scared of his ideas of reforming our financial system and upholding the constitution.
When you are at homebase, talk to your friends, your parents, grandparents and school mates about Ron Paul and spread the word - off the internet and canvass! Participate in primaries or convict your friends to participate and get actual votes for Ron. All this hot talk is nice, because it shows how young (and old like myself) people care about Republic, freedom and their own future, but does seem to be not producing the desired results. Please do not get frustrated and keep fighting, the “intellectual” revolution is much more preferable to actual one which would probably occur – if dollar would collapse.
Those who need (for 25c) or want to watch free a canvassing DVD please visit
Please spread the link & word “Fed up with the Fed".

I only wish

RP had been on his game enough to have mentioned that FOX and MSM are trying to silence all the anti-war candidates so that there are only pro-war candidates left in the race.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas
"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

Jay Leno, class act

That was a great interview. It was funny & fast paced enough to be engaging, yet Dr. Paul had all the time he needed to completely answer the questions. And did you notice? Even when prodded a bit, there was no mud slinging...the Dr. just kept his comments on the competetition to the facts. Classy...just plain classy.

The more I hear Dr. Paul speak, the more I like him.

And yeah, I sent an email to Mr. Leno thanking him too. I think if we ought to be just as vocal (if not more) with our praise as we are with our complaints.

I did too!

I did too!

Jay's Email Address

Can you share Jay's email address? I would also like to send him a thank you


AWESOME! That was one of the best Paul interviews I've ever seen.

good one Mr. Leno

An amazing interview from several angles. It was fast paced, designed to let RP get information out as fast as he could, and humorous, but it wasn't in the way of the interview. It felt... Real and not contrived.

I would be very interested if Leno did another one, but as a special, not a small part of his show. It was a good interview, and I think it will be well received in general.

"You had me at Ron Paul"


Gimme a T-bone! http://www.dailypaul.com/node/51102
"You had me at Ron Paul"


Once again...Funny's the key.

He does best on HUMOR shows for some reason, even though he started out slow IMO with the un-funny joke about a Fox lawsuit. The interview got better and better, and it was great to hear Jay skewering Fox at the end.

I hope this convinces the campaign to put RP in every possible comedy format (especially Colbert, Stewart, and Stern). This was great!!

Jay Leno,,,,Ron Paul supporter?

At the close of the interview Jay Leno says "I think it was blatantly unfiar,,," Thank you Jay and NBC! Please send NBC a thank-you.

Vote for Ron Paul

Thank you Jay Leno!

Ron Paul was fantastic and Jay Leno was such a gentleman.

Thanks Jay Leno!

I agree with most of comments written here. Simply, both Jay and Ron were great together. This interview was even better than the recent Moyer's interview of Dr. Paul. Go Ron Go!

Again I have underestimated

RP! Dr. hit all the "notes" he packed a punch in this interview. Wow! Fast thinking, on the ball, RP is BRILLIANT!

I dunno about you guys, but this aint' no ordinary politician. He is a politician gone genious!! Nobody can do or say what he does...He is one of a kind!! Woo hoo!!

Honesty Rocks!

Leno show transcript




And look at this article about the impact of angry Paul supporters on one of the Fox sponsors:



And, best of all, read this awesome rant by a friend of mine:




Please be sure to act on the information in that rant and pass this rant link to others on other Ron Paul forums.


And you've noticed that this site has been loading awfully slowly during the day? An overloaded server, yes? Nystrom will need to upgrade his server(s), I would think, so how about if we do a little Nystrom-Money-Bomb to help him upgrade the server for this site? I've sent him an e-mail about it, but I've not heard from him about this issue, as it's a really important one, I am sure, because the traffic is only going to get heavier as time goes along and this site MUST have fast downloads during the daytime peak loads so that we can keep up our information revolution going.

A Ron Paul supporter since the 1980's!


A Ron Paul supporter since the 1980's!


Thanks for the link, I emailed everyone on the list including the FCC, my local fox station, and all the sponsors.

Let your voice be heard!

The BEST interview Ron has done so far..........


This is easily the best interview Ron has done on the MSM. Granted Leno was very sympathetic and that helped but the good doctor came over very genial, humourous and sincere. I loved every single second. The day before New Hampshire - a Godsend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I thought Ron did very well!

He hit on points should have..."the 100 year war " thing in Iraq,Mitt's flip-flops...the fact that everybody is talking about "change" but WHAT kind of change?...He was good.....explained more about his foreign policy views on blowback...he is sooo good and SUCH a decent man...he's so much better than those imbeciles he's running against...

Ron Paul'08


I am like a kid at Christmas. I am sooooooo happy, and can you believe it right before New Hampshire! Jay Leno is a decent man and has interviewed RP fairly and with dignity, as a show host should. Well I am off too bed with visions of Ron Paul dancing in my head. Nite.

Leno had nearly 2 million more viewers than Letterman tonite!!!

This is important because that Ron-Paul-Wannabe Huckaburger was on Letterman the same time the REAL Ron Paul was on Leno! (2 million more votes for Ron Paul...) Yeah, Trumped.

Leno leads Letterman as chat kings return
by Mark Sweney
Guardian Unlimited, Monday January 7, 2008

Jay Leno trumped David Letterman in the US TV ratings
when the kings of American late-night chat returned to
air for the first time in two months amid the ongoing
writers' strike.

NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which returned
without its writing staff, averaged 7.2 million
viewers on its return on Wednesday.

This was well ahead of The Late Show with David
Letterman on CBS, which managed 5.5 million viewers.

What's normal?

Does the Tonight Show normally get this many more viewers than Late Show?

A real class act!

They're afraid of him because he has something they lack.
Ron Paul For President!
Let's elect a statesman for a change.

The r3VOLution will not be televised. It will be uploaded.

The r3VOLution will not be televised. It will be uploaded.

send thanks to LENO now

Everyone, should send an e-mail to Jay Leno and thank him PRONTO! now. GO!

This revolution is worldwide. If America fails, God help us all

Do we need to shed the love in the revolution? We have been screwed big time in New Hampshire.


Leno worked it OUT!
I'm convinced he did it for the R3volution.
Here's the address:

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
3000 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91523

ps. i was lucky enough to be there. the studio holds 400 people and it seemed almost half full with ron paul supporters. since nobody even knew this was happening until the night before, that's pretty good.


As usual, when Dr. Paul is in a one on one interview and can answer questions without being interrupted and talked over, he always does great. And I have nothing put praise for Jay Leno. He is always a gentleman to his guests and treated Dr Paul with the respect he deserves but rarely gets from both his competing candidates and interviewers. I wouldn't mind seeing Kucinich run with Paul. At least we would have an honest President and Vice President for a change!

Yeah except

Yeah, except Kucinich wants to take my guns, and I don't cotton too kindly to that attitude. I think the 2nd Amendment was put there for a reason, and it certainly was not for hunting or self defense purposes.

Yes, I can back it up. Kucinich proposed legislation to ban all handguns from civilian possession. It was on his government web site. Now I agree with Dennis on a lot of things, but if you're going to read the Constitution, then read ALL of the Constitution, not just the parts that suit you.

A Paul/Kucinich ticket would be worse than an Adams/Jefferson ticket.


I've always said that the reason I never liked the ACLU was that they were on the "Bill of Rights Cafeteria Plan" - they like to pick and choose which parts of the bill of rights they like or don't like. Many politicians - Kucinich included - seem to have the same idea about the constitution in general. You can't obey the parts you like and ignore the others - it was drafted as a whole in order to be as balanced as possible.

I was at the taping today!!!!

Support for the good Dr. is unbelievable! There was over 390 people there today. I met a lot of really great supporters. Shout out to the Downey and Los Angeles Meetup Groups. I sat right next to Ron Paul's daughter and grandson. They were really great. Overall, it was a phenomenal experience!

PS. Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife were in the Audience. He told me he is a huge supporter of Ron Paul.

Can't wait for tomorrow. Give em' Hell Doc!!

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.- Ben Franklin.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

The Dog?

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a fan of Ron Paul? He's for drug legalization? Interesting!

drug legalization?

What do you mean?

How does making drug enforcement at the local level rather than the federal level equal legalization?

I mean, I have no problem with local drug legalization, but you talk like it would be forced on the local level.

That is not what Ron Paul has said.

Took a pic with him.

I was pretty surprised myself to see him there.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.


Dog the Bounty Hunter is a fan of Ron Paul? He's for drug legalization? Interesting!

...not that there's anything wrong with that, I was just pointing it out.

No, that's great.

I suspected that he might be in favor of legalization, before this. The drug war needs to stop.

Dr. Paul has said that he will end the war on drugs!

It is my understanding that he also supports medical, as well as recreational cannabis use, and since he is a doctor, that speaks volumes. He knows the history, that it was made illegal for economic and political reasons, not because of its effect on users (i.e. so Dupont could sell their petroleum based products, including plastics and nylon, and Hearst could chop down his forests to print his yellow journalism rags.) By eliminating commercial hemp, the elite crooks basically rigged the entire economic system in their favor, and that continues to this day. For a lot more info, check out Jack Herer's "The Emperor Wears No Clothes"...of course Ron is also in favor of restoring the commercial hemp industry, which could save our economy, our farmers, and the environment, and eventually eliminate the need for petroleum!

Hooray for Dr. Paul! He's the only man for the job!


I think drugs are illegal because it creates jobs for police and bureaucrats. If they legalized drugs they'd have to lay off half the police force.

Don't forget the prison

Don't forget the prison industry and asset forfeiture... those drug task forces have much incentive to bust people - a lot of their budget comes from asset seizure.

I might be mistaken but I believe as President he would have the authority to release all non-violent drug offenders.