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Lock 'em up early, Lock 'em up often. The Prison Industrial Complex at work- Judges getting kickbacks for sentencing kids

2 PA judges plead guilty to accepting kickbacks for sentencing teens to juvenile detention facility. Atrocious...


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The US is a sick sick

The US is a sick sick society.

But what is a "healthy society"

Sure, America is sick, but focusing on that is not defining what is well.

We need to counter the abridging of free speech. The abridging is what made America sick, weak and ready to loose its constitution.

This thread has strategy for restoring the constitution.


BTW, if judges have done this, the laws of judicial immunity need review by citizens who are fully informed about what has happened, and we are NOT informed!

Can we stop doing all the things we are doing that we do not want to do while still doing what we need to do?

Disagree with the death

Disagree with the death penalty many here suggest, essentially for the same reasons as RP. But these two judges should most definitely serve a sentence, as well as be barred from holding a public office for the rest of their lives.

But what did they do exactly that's so bad? They broke their oath of office. They committed treason.

Does it matter that they did it for pecuniary reasons? Would it have been better if it had been for ideological reasons? No, it does not.

Now, here's the big question:

What do Messrs. Ciavarella and Conahan have in common with Messrs. Obama, Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, etc. etc. etc.?

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all judges

get a kick back from any and all
that get sentenced,some of their gain gets put into
their retirement funds,(untaxed of course)
can you say conflict of interest?piracy?racketeering?
and i would bet dollars to donuts,they also get money
from the prison industrial complex for all who get time in the

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

A judge who takes kickbacks for sentencing deserves to be..

..convicted and upon sentencing, hanged from the nearest tree.

There is nothing more sinister than a wicked judge.

When he is found out, tried and convicted there should be no lessor penalty for his crime.


This is as sick as it gets

Oh BTW, they hate us for our freedoms.


we could stop oppressive government in its tracks by lobbying other countries and institutions to stop accepting US dollars as world reserve currency and stop lending money to US gov't and than they will have no force but to cut back or collapse. Also spread Indiana Self defense law to every state.

Love of Money is the Root of ALL Evil

Important Distinction: Love of Money is not evil its only the root...

In all your Getting, Get an understanding.

I disagree... it's ignorance

Loving money isn't the root of all evil; many things that are good came about through the love of money. When Ford decided to mass produce the car, or when the Apple guys got together in their garage... Would you say evil was brought by the innovations of these men? There are things all about you given to you by the pursuit of wealth.

Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil. - Plato

Ignorance of what is right, will lead you to do wrong. Simple enough.

So ignorance is it?

You have got to be kidding! The powers that be - the bankers, the political leaders, etc, etc, are not ignorant. These people are greedy. They are greedy for wealth and the power and stuff that it brings. The love of money is what is driving their pursuits to take over the world's money supply and oppress and steal from some countries while keeping their people in mass poverty and manage the world's population. The love of money is what is driving them to destroy the planet and the planet's food supply and make us all drug addicts while imprisoning and driving away anyone who has a better alternative to their drugs. The love of money is what is driving all of the wars because it feeds the military industrial complex and steals resources that will keep feeding their accumulation of wealth. The love of money is the root of ALL of this evil and not ignorance. These people know what is right, they just refuse to do it.

What rock did you crawl out from under? I am totally shocked that you don't get that. These people are NOT ignorant, they are greedy!


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

They are ignorant, except...

I'll say it again: "Ignorance of what is right, will lead you to do wrong. Simple enough."

Maybe you lack understanding on the precision of this statement. Ignorance of what is right, means ignorance of what is ultimately and completely right. There were no caveats there in my statement.

It is never right to do evil to another. We do evil to another when we hurt them in whatever way; I don't know anyone who would argue with that. If someone in pursuit of money hurts another, they have done so in ignorance of that truth. It was their ignorance, not their love of money, at fault.

The "except" from the title I wont explain, because you'd never understand it.

True innovations

come about through man's desire to express/build an idea or a need to create. Such as when people searched for cures to dreaded diseases to help others - not to get rich. Or when people once became doctors to save lives, or a teacher to disperse knowledge, or a lawyer to seek justice.
When someone is doing something solely for the purpose of "getting rich" - there is a problem. That's what leads to shoddy goods and shoddy services.
I believe that people deserve rewards for their work and efforts and there is nothing wrong with money in itself...however I'd like to think that a great part of Ford and Apple motivations was to enrich people's lives and recognition for their innovative ideas, as well as "money".
Ever heard the saying...Follow the money?
When a deed is done solely for the purpose of "getting rich" (love of money)...better watch out.
But then again, I suppose you could be wiser than men whose names will still be spoken when your's is probably long forgotten.

To claim the love of money is

To claim that the love of money is a bad thing, would be to claim that money itself is a bad thing. The love of a good thing cannot possibly be bad.

Money is a good thing, it gives us the liquidity to carry out our purchases. Therefore, the love of money cannot possibly be "the root of all evil". Do not confuse "the love of money" with "the freedom to do harm". Not everyone who loves money feels free to do harm.

I'll say it again: "Ignorance of what is right, will lead you to do wrong. Simple enough."

Maybe you lack understanding on the precision of this statement. Ignorance of what is right, means ignorance of what is ultimately and completely right. There were no caveats there in my statement.

It is never right to do evil to another. We do evil to another when we hurt them in whatever way; I don't know anyone who would argue with that. If someone in pursuit of money hurts another, they have done so in ignorance of that truth. It was their ignorance, not their love of money, at fault.

As for your witty remark; I have no idea where this thought follows from. Who said anything about being remembered? Maybe you are projecting.


are the one who lacks understanding...if you do not comprehend the difference between having money, needing money, enjoying and "loving" money.
We are not discussing one's right to do evil to another. We are discussing the relevant "reasons" as to WHY, or what would motivate a person to do evil to another... an intentional, premeditated act for personal gain such as lying, stealing, cheating, murder and other crimes against humanity.
Bottom line, the desire (or love) of money is usually the motivator.
Want to solve a crime? FOLLOW THE MONEY
How many examples do you need?

Giving up

I don't think you have properly digested what I've said. Give it some time, and maybe it'll click.

People can be motivated by money, but deal honestly because they do not feel free to do harm. Just like people can be motivated by freedom, but refrain from hurting others in that pursuit.

That you cannot mentally separate the love of money, from the freedom to do harm, is your problem. I am done explaining. Meditate on it.

Don't need your "splanations.

You are the one in need of "explanations"...
It is not "motivation" that is wrong - it is the actions one is willing to take to achieve a goal. Let's clarify two concepts.
1. Yes, money can be needed, enjoyed, and be a motivator WITHOUT being evil. That has been established and it is really not necessary for you to keep repeating yourself in some attempt to explain a concept I already understand.
2. Now this is the part you don't comprehend.
When evil IS committed, it can be traced to a desire for money, or the power that money buys, on some level. Always.

A brief recap:
All money is NOT bad.
All evil IS bad.
All money is not related to evil.
But all evil IS related to money.

Here's some examples if that will help:
Bankers, War, Monopolies, Political lies, de-populaton, false flags;
Global dominance; murder, bribery, robbery, vaccinations; pharmaceuticals; etc.etc. FOLLOW THE MONEY

PS...I don't care what you digest or meditate upon. Please don't tell me what I should do in those aspects. Thank you.

to clear things up, I take

to clear things up, I take the quote from the bible. "love of money is the root of all evil" All would include those that are ignorant, and those who do evil purposefully which would be all evil. Ignorant people I'd surmise to be the other largest portion.

No point

The bible has very little truth in it. There is no point in trying to explain anything to a christian, so I bid you goodbye.

There is no reason

for insulting "any" religion on this site. Ron Paul is a Christian - I suppose you think it would be pointless to explain anything to him?

Some things, yes...

Every Christian holds the bible as the word of the lord, and any thought that crosses that holy word is false. There are simply too many sacred cows in the hearts and minds of Christians for them to be considered thoughtful. I have never had a conversation with a Christian which didn't in the end return to dogmatic wails of "But JESUS!"

Some things, yes ...?

Are you alluding that you could explain some things to Ron Paul???
Rather arrogant, aren't you???
Let me repeat - YOU are apparently a legend "in your own mind"...
You may think you are a "wise" or intelligent person but let me explain my previous comment about "your name being long forgotten" ...Ron Paul's name (and Timothy's of the Bible) will be remembered for many, many years into the future. Yours will be forgotten like the wind unless you accomplish something greater than bashing Christians on the DP. LOL

Don't want to be remembered

Apparently you do. Why are you projecting this desire onto me?

Sure, there are things I could explain to Paul. There are things he could explain to me. There are things you could explain to me. There are things I could explain to you.

Everyone knows something different.

Wasn't your "desires" I was addressing

It was your arrogance towards others - specifically Christians as though they were so ignorant that you couldn't explain anything to them. That was uncalled for and prompted my comment.

Mean no offense.

I've never met a Christian who could reason. If you're a Christian, then it's more power for my point. I mean no offense, it's merely an observation.

You said many things more personal and nasty than I. You should probably jump off your horse and consider your own words.

Excuse me?

You claimed..."You have never met a Christian who could reason".....Yet you call YOURSELF a person of reason??? As I originally stated which began our exchange- Ron Paul is a Christian.
Yet you now accuse HIM of being unable to reason???? Are you for real?
That amazing opinion you have deserves repeating.
Ron Paul is a Christian and therefore has no ability to reason.

Why would you vote for, support,or admire someone whom you feel has no ability to reason? I think you should either (1)admit you are really not a Ron Paul supporter or (2) admit there is at least "one" Christian whom you feel has the ability to reason.

What my personal faith may be is not relevant. It is not "myself" I am defending from your attacks - it is Ron Paul (and Christians as a group).
Yes, I am making these statements to an individual (you) because, unlike you, I am NOT biased against any specific group of people - I view each person on their individual merits. Hopefully, one day you will be able to grow up and get rid of your anger and bias views of whole groups of people. Until you do, I will not be wasting any more of MY efforts or time attempting to 'splain ANY concept to you...
I'll leave you with another valuable quote
"Don't cast pearls before swine"...

There are no words

My anger? That's rich. Bear in mind that I have never met Ron Paul. You seem to be incredibly immature, and very angry. You seem to be completely unable to realize your own offensiveness, or your own lack of reason. If you represent the average Paul supporter, then Paul indeed has a very rough road before him. It's witty how you decided to part ways by comparing me to swine.

I agree ignorance plays an extremly huge role

I agree ignorance plays an extremly huge role! Except you don't disagree with me though.
that's an argument against the common myth that the love of Money.... IS evil.
You Make A good point though! Ignorance is definitely involved

There are a few myths floating around: watch the EMPHASIS

The LOVE of money is evil
MONEY is the root of all evil

It took me a while to get this, here is an example:

Accepting kickbacks to put someone in prison wrongfully

Church Pastors accepting money for 501C3 and becoming ad hoc take over by government. This Including the misuse of Romans 13, to tell the members to hand in their guns and obey the gov even when the gov is corrupt. (opens the door for evil)
In bible times Taking of weapons preceded control of populations
-Also happened in Germany.

Private mercenaries for hire- They do it for money. They'll do what they're told. (definitely opens the door for evil!

Each of the people listed can all be complete Angels but be deceived and used for evil purposes.

So true

Muy buddy got 90 days in jail for missing an alcohol education class.
His first court date isn't for 60 days too. WA state

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

I like to hear what Judge Napolitano

has to say about this. It's disgusting.

QUOTE from prison...This

QUOTE from prison...

This entire prison system is a HUGE waste of time, energy and money! Why would America host 5% of the world’s population and yet host 25% of the world’s prisoners? Hmmmm? Maybe because the politicians and judges are allowed to own stock in the prison industries? There are lots of simple suggestions to fix this problem in The Kennel by Elijah Green that is posted someplace on line.

Do you honestly think that the politicians and justice department employees who profit from this prison system that destroys families will vote to scale it back or shorten prison times? See I Timothy 6:10 for the answer! There is plenty of legislation proposed each year to help fix the problems, but it almost always dies in committee.

Meanwhile, I’ll just keep winning souls and discipling them like the Lord commanded. Please pray Acts 12:5 style for my release and for the growth of these new converts. As usual I have lots of paperwork in the courts that could set me free.

In Christ,
Kent Hovind

How did this creation science evangelist get there?


Biblical WISDOM: Proverbs 30:21-22

(21)For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear:

(22)For a servant when he reigneth; and a fool when he is filled with meat;