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Missouri to arrest any federal officials who attempt to enforce Obamacare

From an Email: MO Legislative Liberty Update April 16, 2012

HB 1534, Obamacare Nullification BIll, "Perfected" by large margins!

Today, HB 1534 (Rep. Kurt Bahr) was “perfected” in the House by a vote of 109 to 49. The bill is now scheduled to be third read and finally passed this Thursday.

After passage, it will move to the Senate, where they will conduct a hearing and then, hopefully, take it up for debate before the entire Senate.

HB 1534 is a full-blown Jeffersonian style nullification of all of Obamacare. And it has teeth – including the arrest of any federal officials who attempt to enforce Obamacare in Missouri.

Please take a few minutes to thank those who have made this possible so far. Drop them an email with “Thank you” in the subject line.

Ward Franz for letting the bill through his General Laws Committee

John Diehl for his cooperation in the Rules Committee

Tim Jones, majority floor leader, for giving the bill ample debate time on the floor.

Speaker Steve Tilley for paving the way through the whole process.

And, especially, Kurt Bahr for sponsoring the bill.

Please listen, folks... We jump on these guys when they don't do what we want, so let's give credit where credit is due – please thank them now, via email, while it's on your mind.

Please watch for the next step on Thursday and then our work really begins – we must convince Senate leadership to make this a priority.

Stay tuned!

For Liberty,

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Wow, is the fusion center aware that

the MO statehouse has been overrun by "terrorists"?


Looks like the 10th amendment

is alive and well in Missouri.