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Liberty Candidate Series: John Dennis for US Congress

John Dennis US congressional candidate running in the 8th district of California joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Liberty Candidate Series: John Dennis for US Congress’ to discuss his congressional race agianst Nancy Pelosi, the open primary process in California and the importance of putting Liberty Candidates in office.

Listen Here!

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Christopher David


Here is another libertarian-conservative, champion of the people that we need to support!
He's running for California's 33rd!

Tisha Casida for Colorado CD#3 Congressional Seat!


Please interview Tisha Casida as a part of your liberty candidate series. She is running for Congress in Colorado's 3rd congressional district. Her platform is up on her website Casida2012.com
It would help our fight for Liberty here in Colorado! She has been on the Alex Jones show, Freedom Watch and last night I heard Adam Kokesh interviewed her. Daily Paul community please help support Tisha a REAL LIBERTY MINDED CANDIDATE for Congress!


Evan Feinberg for PA 18

Evan Feinberg is looking to unseat establishment congressman Tim Murphy in Pennsylvania's 18th district. Let's do everything we can to help him!