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Freedom Storm: Ron Paul on Independence Mall in Philadelphia 4-12-12

ONLY 1 candidate draws thousands everywhere he goes!

Despite the weather, in Philadelphia thousands again came out.

Video: "Freedom Storm"-Ron Paul on Independence Mall in Philadelphia (lower resolution version)
(this is a decent, but still lower resolution version of Freedom Storm-to see Ron Paul's speech in HD see the link immediately below

Full Speech submitted by Sputnik Media

Wow! don't miss this-user submitted, great view of the Crowd!
WATCH THIS: Fantastic view of the crowd from overhead submitted by DP user RonPaulBillboards

[We've experienced technical difficulties with making available a higher resolution of "Freedom Storm"-as soon as those are resolved it'll be viewable here-the speech footage caught by Sputnik Media is technically superior to the speech footage you see in this version of Freedom Storm-PLUS, that user submitted walk thru the crowd should not be missed-JPS]


Full Speech submitted by Sputnik Media

End the FED March by

Video: Clip from someone there Thanks to Ron Paul Illinois

Many Pics Here- Photo Album-scroll down to see

Article: Philadelphia Newspapersubmitted by DP user lorax

Large Photo Album and post from Angel Clark-many images here, scroll down to see

Photo Album from Bill Morgan

Daily Paul post from someone who was there

Angel Clark has story saying 4,300 in heavy rain

Ustream User has recorded files-handheld, speech is therefrom Ustream User D&T Show

Video: Short, uploaded approx 1:30pm EST

Here's a replay of the Pittsburgh livestream.

Full Pittsburgh Speech (good quality) Pt 1 of 5 thanks to DP user RonPaulBillboards

Full Pittsburgh Speech (good quality) Pt 2 of 5

Full Pittsburgh Speech (good quality) Pt 3 of 5

Full Pittsburgh Speech (good quality) Pt 4 of 5

Full Pittsburgh Speech (good quality) Pt 5 of 5

Video: Full Pittsburgh Speech handheld, 1st 2 minutes shaky, then fine

Pittsburgh newspaper account of Paul Speech

Article: Pittsburgh newspaper: Good Quotes from Paul Supporters

Great article-Pittsburgh is Ron Paul's Hometown from DP user AnCapMercenary

Article: Brief, recounts his school days

Article: Pittsburgh TV

Cornell University/New York (was on Thursday, April 19th)

Video: Whole Cornell Speech

Ron Paul Speech at Cornell Pt 1 of 4

Ron Paul Speech at Cornell Pt 2 of 4

Ron Paul Speech at Cornell Pt 3 of 4

Ron Paul Speech at Cornell Pt 4 of 4

Paul did this Radio Interview before NY Speech

Article: Area Newspaper Coverage of Paul thanks empowerus.joe

Daily Paul post re: news on Paul Speech

Radio Interview with Paul before NY Speech

Article, some controversy on campus for Paul Speech from DP user AnCapMercenary

Good Slideshow Here submitted by DP user Puma for Life

Video: Good news coverage of Cornell Speech thanks to DP user Puma for Life

University of Rhode Island-(was on wednesday, April 18th)

Video: Full Speech from URI thanks to DP user AnCapMercenary

Video: Very Nice Mash-Up of Paul Supporters at URI thanks to DP user freedom1787

Pics: great copyrighted pics/Paul at podium thanks to DP user RonPaulBillboards

Video: Full Speech in Rhode Island Daily Paul post by AnCapMercenary

Partial Vid from Rhode Island from DP User ACinMA

Video: News of Rhode Island Speech-Good Crowd Scenesfrom DP User ACinMA

Some previous cities:

Here's the long awaited San Antonio Speech

Planning to Attend? Get Free tickets Direct from RonPaul2012:

Sunday: Philadelphia 1pm EST

[Saturday-Continuing Sunday: All Eyes on conventions around the nation!]

Missouri a Disappointment; Not Over Yet-Daily Paul Post

Daily Paul post about Iowa district conventions.

Daily Paul Post Reporting Paul Dominance in Iowa

Missouri convention coverage at Daily Paul post here

Minnesota Coverage at Daily Paul post here

Daily Paul Post-RNC Official Reports Paul Wins 20 of 24 Delegates

MUST READ: DailyPaul post reporting: Good, Long Fight in Minnesota, Ongoing

Another Interesting Post re: Minnesota-The New Math

Mainstream Media ignores this. We cover Ron Paul LIVE!

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Scaringi and Folmer

Do any of these videos include Marc Scaringi and state Sen. Folmer?

Elevated CAM, crowd walk through.

Here's a jewel, a very slow, methodical walkthrough from the back of the Philly crowd making a way forward. The CAM is elevated well above the head of the person filming.

Nice tune to accompany the clip as well.


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Freedom Storm is up (lower resolution version)

Still butchered-by me-quite a bit, but I've linked also to the higher quality of the speech which IS available now, plus that crowd walkthru you referred.

I was very happy with the audience interviews you see here...I'll work on all the raw data and higher resolution later, right now I'm "off to the speeches in Texas" in a virtual kind of way; first one is tomorrow :)


I'm wondering what kind of rig and how many people were required to achieve this.

This is a better technique than what we did for the crowd pans---it was necessary to get the camera up that high.

Really good stuff.

The pros I had at A & M did something very similar as they walked the cameras up and down the aisles, also catching the 2nd deck in the same shots---they didn't need to get up quite this high.

I should have remembered that and done this in Philadelphia.

Live and learn :)

Texas Ron Paul Rallies - COMING UP!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7:00 p.m. MT
Campus Town Hall Meeting
University of Texas at El Paso

Memorial Gym - (2,000 capacity)

500 West University Avenue
El Paso, Texas 79968


Thursday, April 26, 2012

7:00 p.m. CT
Campus Town Hall Meeting
University of Texas at Austin

LBJ Library Lawn (capacity? HUGE ...)

2313 Red River Street
Austin, Texas 78705


Friday, April 27, 2012

7:00 p.m. CT
Campus Town Hall Meeting
University of Houston

Hofheinz Pavilion (capacity TEN THOUSAND, 10,000)

3466 Cullen Boulevard
Houston, TX 77204


Lock and Load your video gear ...

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on it

We're on the Texas events.

Right now I'm waiting for what I hope is the final upload of our Philadelphia film (oh please let it be...the weather was bad enough without all the other headaches---and then I push the buttons and it's live).

A fine Ron Paul supporter and a person with superior talent as a professional videographer (Daily Paul user "nui"---YouTube channel "nuiflower" ) is running a shoot in Austin.

He'd actually done some great footage over at A & M when the WinLiberty shoot was done.

A very good videographer (and Daily Paul user "nui") is going to do a HD shoot in Austin. I spoke with him early this morning and he and I agree that these shoots must happen, and hopefully at all speeches.

We'll document each speech. And, I'm going to archive the great number of vids, photos, etc. collected thus far (and still to be collected) which will go up into a public archive.

That archive also will have useful information which anyone anywhere will be able to access, such as how to provide greater transparency in the process.

In a nutshell, what we call Mainstream Media really are dinosaurs---they aren't yet extinct, but most of the current businesses simply will not survive much longer.

i wish he'd do a little more small talk

maybe i just watch too much of him, but i'd like to hear him interacting with the people a little bit, mentioning the weather, etc.

he usually mentions something from the paper but, i don't know, i think his audience would really respond if he did a little more improv/audience interaction...

maybe he could answer a few questions

maybe he could invite 5 people with questions to come up to the podium and meet him and ask their question...

they are calling them town hall meetings after all, right?

these are great but could be WAY better. and if Dr. Paul doesn't want to ask for money, maybe benton or SOMEBODY could go up there and ask for the audience to contribute to the campaign financially or through volunteering

Ron Paul @ Phreedom Rally in Philly 4/22/12 (Video 42 minutes)

Independence Hall at the Philadelphia Rally for Phreedom.

Good one!

Good audio here, sound of rain on tent top very effective yet does not drown out Dr. Paul.

Good, tight shot of Dr. Paul.

GREAT slow pan of crowd in the beginning.

A real effort to hold the camera still. IN HIGH DEF if you want at 1080p, (true).

Occasional glimpses of "Linda" in the background for any groupies out there, ;-)

I mean, this is a great "Storm Video", can't wait for Slevin's production to finish.

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That tent top noise was a problem

There was no actual working sound system.

The PA was awful, and so was the feedback which persisted throughout. I asked Matt Johnson to take a quick look at the stuff I had and he quickly spotted a culprit at the scene, noting that the sound was way too low out of one speaker...like I said, the sound system just was terrible, not at all what a popular presidential campaign requires and deserves.

There was no working live feed to the media platform and that wasn't manned by any Paul staffer to ensure media could get a feed.

Literally, my guy was asking the fellow who manned some kind of contraption if we could plug in and was told "it won't help any".

We were not allowed to use a wireless mic, so were stuck with ambient and tent top noise on top of everything. The result on the performances of the musicians was brutal.

The stage was set far too low. The table on which rests my keyboard is about the same height, meaning no one even half way back actually had any realistic chance of seeing much if anything of Ron Paul.

Then there were the umbrellas. Many people simply folder their umbrellas, allowing those behind to have a better chance of seeing something.

The lighting was a real problem, what with the overcast skies and the way sun did hit those white tops caused extreme color balance problems which I haven't resolved except by omitting much of what we shot---the footage of the musical acts suffered the most from those tent tops.

The film you have seen, which I posted earlier as soon as I spotted the submission is very good considering all the problems which existed with weather and the poor management of the whole affair.

I know quite alot of the conditions, since I've been dealing with them since the event was being shot...the camera shaking is to me very understandable.

Those camera people who actually wanted to get a real chance at a shot had to lean out into the pouring rain to do so. And the cover over that thing they called a media platform was way, way too low. You actually see it in some of our film, as our guy pans back to get some of the crowd shots we very much want.

In fact, while we did get some good pans the overall result of the way the site was set-up and the plain mismanagement of the event prevented better pans.

I made the painful decision to scratch almost all of the music acts we have on raw footage...simply, the footage we shot was not up to snuff and I felt embarrassed to show such good musical talent and committed Ron Paul supporters in any way not suitably flattering to them ... that said, we included a song by Jordan Page, where you even can see most of him :)

The glare off those tent tops was the main culprit there. It does weird things to colors.

And, I've assured Jordan we'll be at an as yet undetermined future show and there will capture his performance in the manner it deserves.

The sound has been fixed for the current version of "Freedom Storm" (the name we've attached to the Philadelphia film)---but, there's alot more raw material which we aren't showing in this original film and we've had to go with not as good resolution as we had for the excellent film shot at A & M; this was necessary simply to get the Philadelphia event out there and out of our hair for the time being---necessary before diving into coverage of the Texas events.

We'll come back to it later (and "restore" ) and I fully expect to have a full HD version...right now much of what's in this new film is possible to show in HD but we had to settle for a lower resolution so everything "matched".

As for your "can't wait" comment.

I can't wait to actually have some time for "resoration". I really did have to go a "butcher" route to get out what we are getting out.

We got some great footage of interviews with crowd members and some good panning...but the resolution I mentioned is not at all up to the high standards we achieved with the A & M...and some of the cuts are not smooth. We didn't have too much trouble with shakiness of the camera (I'd like to do all these shoots with at least 3 cameras). That makes for much more chance to find mulitple, interesting interview subjects. As it is we found a few real good, average and real Ron Paul supporters who are quite eloquent and provided what I am looking for most of all---a way for the average person out there to see themselves in that audience.

I'm very stoked by my earlier email and phone discussions with "Nui" as he's on the right page on all this stuff AND he's very talented with a camera, editing and the rest.

All in all though, I learned alot. I'm not Coppola yet, but he can hear the footsteps :)

News from Philadelphia


Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

Complete Ron Paul Speech in Pittsburgh on 4/20/2012

Complete Ron Paul Speech in Pittsburgh on 4/20/2012


I'm pretty sure this is the same as I've had linked for awhile now

Hate to complain, but I have

Hate to complain, but I have to say something. I was there, and you guys couldn't put your umbrellas down? Really? I respect RP supporters as the smartest group in America, but this was just pure stupidity. You couldn't get a little wet so the people in back could see? Show some dedication. Yes. I got soaking wet, but I was damn proud to spend the rest of my day that way. I drove 3.5 hours down from New Haven to see RP, but only saw about his eyebrows a couple times, because of you idiots. Feel free to think next time. For those of you who did put the umbrellas down I thank you. Out.

Thank you for your participation

I'm glad you participated, both by going to the speech under these horrible weather conditions and by telling us about it here.

Lighten up people, why the downvoting of this comment?

The stage was too low, the weather was horrible and audience members had been standing around in the rain for a long, long time before Paul ever took the stage.

The sound system was worse than if you gave 2 deaf mute Martians tin cans plus some string and asked them to invent recording.

I wasn't there. I was running the project dedicated to recording these speech events for posterity and we had heck of a day too...it's kinda hard to achieve under the natural and man made conditions which existed in that location for that speech.

But I think we have caught it. I think we caught the fact that thousands of people turned-out at a time there was a flood warning and people were warned not to be on the roads going anywhere for any reason.

There was something worth recording for posterity over and above another fine speech by Ron Paul.

That is the dedication of those who support him.

And that was recorded, even with the lousy sound system and a stage designed to actually sink into the ground the more people craned their necks to try and see anything over the umbrellas.

We worked for days to have everything in place in Philadelphia and we've been working since the speech to get the film of it out.

When it comes out I think most of you would agree that crossedcannons has some valid points to make.

It was a horrible place for any audience member to be.

Those in the back were

Those in the back were heckling those in front to put their umbrellas down. They probably didn't realize it was obstructing your view in the first place, but they all complied from what I could see.

I didn't have my umbrella out for the duration of the speech, nor did I have a poncho, and I was completely soaked once it was over and freezing cold, I even had to go buy all new clothes. So if someone wants to use an umbrella, or get pneumonia, I would encourage them to use an umbrella.

The problem was the stage was too low, and you didn't get there early enough, not people with umbrellas.

Since we're here complaining, that restaurant for the after party was a complete joke. It wasn't so much as an after party as a "if you're wearing ron paul stuff pay 10 bucks to eat here" party. Or rather, try and eat here, in the off chance there is someone to serve you, or somewhere to sit. We should've went to a smaller local place that would've appreciated having us. Me and my brother ended up eating across the street at the Rock and Roll or w/e restaurant, got seated in 2 minutes, got beer immediately, ate and left in an hour at most, while at 13 we were sitting (oh, excuse me, standing) for an hour and only got a round of beers once, no waiter, no service, no nothing.

Rant over :D

The umbrellas were a problem, but...

...still enjoyed it. My son and I were actually near the front/side and although the sitting area people in front put their umbrellas down, some on the side didn't. So even in the front, we only caught glimpses of Ron. Stage was to low and the speaker tents on the side were obstructing our view also. Sound was an issue all day. I applaud the organizers for the effort. Got stuck with a miserable weather day. A cold steady all day downpour. We made the best of it! If you missed the "End the Fed" rally and march before hand, you missed a good time. Took over the route to City Hall and back! The sole on my shoe blew-out 10 minutes into the march. So if you were there, I was the guy that sounded like a walking horse.

Thank you

It's great for everyone who couldn't be there to get feedback.

I just keep thinking how other candidates would have cancelled out...and other candidates wouldn't have had thousands there on a crystal clear, sunny day.

Thank you for showing your support for Ron Paul.

Actually got a Reply from Philly.com editor

Tom Fitzgerald actually wrote back to me and agreed that Ron Paul was worthy of news coverage and that it was his understanding that they sent a reporter and photographer.
Thanks to "Phillie_Phan" for posting his email address and getting us all going... hopefully it paid off... I'll look forward to an article about it tomorrow..

The Real Story is Not Braving the Rain.. but Missing the Flyers!

Proud that my old hometown represented well with 4,300 people braving the elements to show support... but the campaign is missing the real story here: Sports is a religion in that town! It's just part of the culture. These 4,300 people deserve triple kudos: showing up; showing up in the rain; and showing up in the rain while the Flyers were on home ice for a clinching playoff victory!

Huge Flyer fan

DVRed the game, Ron in town!!

we can watch the flyers win anytime ;)

history only happens once.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

the weather forecast

They were predicting a Nor'easter today.


Good stuff, thanks for the rainy effort!

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Dinner reception?

Any news on the dinner reception in Phillie this evening?

sold out