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Ted Nugent: Armed robber and intellectual monopoly fascist


"At this point Johnny and I yanked the canvas bag of merchandise and cash from his grasp and departed, returning backstage to hand out the cheap imported booty to friends, crew members and charities. I used some as rags to clean my guns."

Who was it again Teddy, that produced the products, and who was it again that stole the products and gave them away for free, thereby depriving the producer of his product? Ted Nugent is why people need guns.

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"The Nuge" is a personal friend...

..of my brother-in-law's.... what I've been able to ascertain is that Ted is high on bravado, ego, machismo, and stale rhetoric. Ted is low on philosophical capacity, abstract thought, and reason.

Ultimately Ted is indeed smart and ambitious but his lack of humility stops him from gaining wisdom and the fortitude that comes along with it.
Verdict: "The Nuge" is nothing more than a redneck "The Donald."

first class chicken hawk.

Upon his draft notice for vietnam, nugent crapped his pants and did not bathe for weeks and upon his physical he was kicked out... Now hes a bloodthirsty neocan warmongerer. Fyi...

intellectual monopoly fascist?

I don't understand? Are you mad at him for wanting to be compensated for his work? Because he is legally in the right. He owns the copyright to his image. Game over. He wins. Politically say what you want I don't agree with the man on very much, besides the 2nd amendment and this.

It's not his work, he did not

It's not his work, he did not make the shirts, he stole them. He does not "own" a copyright, he has a government grant of monopoly privilege from the State that is called "copyright."

At one point white people had a "legal right" to exclusively occupy the front of public buses, right now the IRS has a "legal right" to your income, and rent payments on "your" house, that doesn't make it right.

I'm not mad a Ted Nugent for wanting to be paid for his work, for example his concert performances, but that's not what he's demanding, he's demanding to be paid for other peoples work, and of course the State is happy to help him out with that, because the State is a gang of armed thieves, just like Teddy is.

Ted Nugent is a BatSh!t Crazy D.B. who's being investigated

by the Secret Service for threatening Obama at the NRA convention. He has officially lost any credibility if he ever had any to begin with, which I doubt.

Nuge is busy sucking up to Willard

...Ted Nugent appeared at the NRA’s national convention in St. Louis. Nugent, a longtime NRA board member and regular presence at conventions, rallied the NRA faithful on Saturday to vote for Mitt Romney: “Your goal should be to get a couple thousand, per person who’s here, to vote for Mitt Romney in November.”


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