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My Dear, Sweet Mother

I know this is small news, but I'm still incredibly giddy. Here's the chat conversation I had with her, from the very beginning:

Mom: I think I might vote for Ron Paul...for the reason that Mitt Romney's wife has had breast cancer and presently has MS...I can't see how a woman with that health history can do The First Lady. And I would worry if she died while he was in office and what would happen to her five boys. Maybe they are all grown and married but if they are single, they need her...I don't know..I just know that a wife needs to support her husband and Sister Romney might not have the health to do this.

Me: ~hugs~ I haven't thought about that, that Sister Romney's health would be a factor.

Mom: Stupid reason not to vote for some one but I have a concern for Him if his wife has terrible health while he has to carry burdens on his shoulders without her.

Me: (Thanks, Mom. You're very thoughtful.) ~hugs~
Me: I know what you mean. He'd already have the entire US on his shoulders if she dies or has some complication while he's in office.
Me: And we know that all of this stress can't be good for her health.
Me: Although I kinda like that she rides horses for therapy. May we all get to ride horses some day!

Mom: Agreed. And I think that he would be a house divided against himself. Her needing him and him not being able to support her if in a dire moment. I just think that Ron Paul is too old. Yet he seems to be healthy and doing good. I suppose that his wife is okay as well. I don't know. I don't want a family to fall apart because of a presidency job.

Me: I can understand that. But Ron Paul is not only very healthy (he said that his health report thing is an entire 1 page long), but I haven't heard anything to cause concern for his wife, either.

Mom: Good..well you have converted me Amber:)

Me: All of their children are entirely self-sufficient, and their grandkids are well taken care of by their parents.
Me: Yay!!!!! Thank you so much for listening to me, Mom! You are so very kind to chat with me just to tell me that.
Me: ~hugs~

There you have it. My dear, sweet mother, one of maybe three members of my large family that have let me know that they even see the videos and articles I post of Facebook. Thank you, Mom!

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Thank you for sharing

What a sweet chat with your mom. It is nice to see that this discourse can be civil.

She is so sweet! So many of our countrymen and women are

just plain sweet!

Very heartwarming - great story!

I am so happy to hear it (and happy for you!)

Same here.:)

Same here.:)