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Ron Paul rubber keychain!


How do you guys like it?

I will be sending Michael one, and hopefully work out a fundraising project with him as he did previously with rip signs, dime cards.

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I bought one of Josh's

I bought one of Josh's t-shirts a couple years ago, it's still in great condition, and it's awesome.



Thanks, let me know if you

Thanks, let me know if you have any trouble following through to order. Or any questions (message me directly, or my e-mail is on the site)

bump. I just updated the


I just updated the site, they are available for order.

I have no money to advertise, but I am willing to give Michael as many as he wants, I'll contact him directly myself.

My site is here



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updated, enjoy!

updated, enjoy!

Love it. Where can I get some of those?

Are you selling those? Do some of the peoceeds get donated to the campaign?



the answers are on the site, but no, no money is donated to the campaign.

Good idea

Key rings are an easy way for people to express themselves. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing the shirts or even hats, but a lot of people will pick up an affordable key ring that they can carry around everyday. People add their own flair to keychains all the time. Good idea to make this.

sorry it took 2 months to get

sorry it took 2 months to get them, but I got them. and they're ready for order.