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The Ultimate Romney Flip-Flop Compilation

Pass this along to anyone considering voting for Mitt Romney!


From the video description:
Know someone who needs to see video proof? Many of Mitt Romney's flip-flops all in one video. Video compiled with clips from interviews, news, public appearances, and more.

Republican presidential political candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney has been known to say one thing...and then say another.

Includes his changed policy stances over the years on universal health care, the auto bailouts, the bank / Wall Street bailouts, pro-choice (abortion) or pro-life, the minimum wage, gay rights, gun rights & the NRA, immigration / amnesty, gay rights, poverty, government spending & laws, social security & Medicare, the Department of No Child Left Behind, lobbyists / lobbying, campaign donations, economic stimulus, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, global warming, stem cell research, raising taxes, the Federal Reserve / Ben Bernanke, and more.

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Somehow I always post these at the end of the night instead of the early AM and they don't end up in the top Recent Topics. I think my time zone is different from DP or something.

Common lets drop this Video all over the net!

Its not enough that DP sees it!

I started this Internet activism which includes this video:
Please pledge to do your part!


drop this nice little vid on the mitt chat room...those idiots need to see this.



Classic Textbook Sociopath

Predatory, manipulative, shallow,dishonest. Will sell out the the highest bidder. The TV ads will be great! Fake GOP: Do you want to tell us that you don't know who this person is? Do want to tell us that it is so important that we defeat Barrack Obama in 2012, so this is who you have chosen as your heir apparent. Not! Great video. Five stars.

the video is useless if not

the video is useless if not accompanied by Obama flip-flopping

both need to be exposed at the same time...so the sheeple will understand they are the same.

I hear ya

I'll get an Obama and Romney side by side one together next.

its a great video but you are right we need obama in it too

Our "enemy" is ROMBOMBA SACHS!

oh and I saw some references to Obama beeing a tool too.

That is definitely an

That is definitely an important factor, because without it the 'sheeple' will think it is a boon for Obama because it simply attacks Romney.

The "Obomney" line needs to be pushed more then the "Romney's a flip flopper" line. I think most people on the fence about Romney know he's a flip flopper but are 'swallowing' the pill to beat Obama. Less realize that they are the same 'monster'.

I swear, this dude is only in

I swear, this dude is only in there for comic relief. lol There's NO WAY he can win a general election. I think I understand Ron Paul's plan now. Just let Willard implode on his own and keep his own reputation in tact. At some point this stuff is inevitably going to start snowballing.

great video btw

I must have those ruby slippers! [slush fund splashes Mitt]

I'm melting. I'm melting.... [Wicked Warlock of the East melts into a puddle of liquidity.].

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


Is it still set up so that only Moderators can embed Youtube videos?

Thank you

Thank you to whoever embedded this!

This is the only thing that

This is the only thing that needs to be run. Nothing else. LOL, so hilariously sad.