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TV spot - Romney family endorses Dr.Paul

I just sent this commercial concept to REV PAC. Any thoughts?



Especially considering the current circumstances in the race now, wouldn't it be incredible to have a commercial giving some face-time for the six Romney relatives that have endorsed Dr.Paul? Not only would it be a game changer, but it would be an opportunity to educate the public on Paul's issues, record and character.

What do you think? Thank you for your time.

Joseph _______


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I would recommend ...

that we also consider donating to them as well. They were getting low on funds, to the best of my knowledge, even during the St. Pat's parade.

love it -- and here's how I'd do it

Start off by introducing them, and then don't reveal their candidate until the end. Just talk about his excellent vision for America, what a great all-American guy he is, family man, man of faith, apple pie, ponies, and rainbows -- and guns. Conservative guns. Lots of them.

Then at the end, they all ask you to vote for... wait, WHO?!!?

You could even put in the old record needle yank sound, for added fun. :-D

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


OMG, yes! like dropping a bomb...damn...thats great