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Happy Tax Day, Except in California! Taxation-Induced Cancer Kills

We live in a world where it is no longer enough to be Mr. Universe, then the wealthiest actor in Hollywood, then married to a hot news anchor from the premiere American political dynasty family. To be truly satisfied, apparently, one must knock a knowledgable accountant out of a big race to fix your state's budget crisis, then sit on the Governor's throne, and then boink the maid. For the record, "Conan the Republican" left the California governatorship as a card-carrying liberal. I warned my friends working for his 2003 Total Recall campaign to not come crying to me when he sells them down the river. They came crying to me anyway. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, though; the accountant who lost the state race to Arnold is now Congressman McClintock and Mr. Universe is back in the entertainment business.

Foresight is 20/20.

Fast forward one decade. We live in a world where it's no longer enough to be a world-class athlete, then the wealthiest rider of two-wheeled contraptions on the planet, then engaged to a hot pop singer who happens to be the great-granddaughter of former Congressman Crow. To be truly satisfied, apparently, one must lobby for tax increases and new regulations in the Golden State in the name of fighting cancer, then wait for the right election "cycle" in the Lone Star State to knock out Slick Rick Perry, then ditch the famous fiancé just as she is diagnosed with cancer—as if it was contagious.

With the regulatory and oppressive record King Lance would give Texas, I am frankly surprised that those yellow Livestrong bands weren't styled to fit a bit higher on the arm, say, around the bicep.

Armstrong knows that Californian voters can't resist passing new tax measures. Taxifornia's $9.95 billion high-speed rail bond ballooned into a $70 billion money pit with 2/3 of that magically appearing from the federal government's backyard money tree. Four years later, there is still no high-speed rail. That same tax-and-spend lobby now proposes Proposition 29, a nearly $1 billion per year tax hike to fund a bloated special-interest spending commission with practically no oversight. They promise miracle cures for disease, but the only guarantee made to California voters is that political appointees will be well-paid for the next 15 years and that elected officials are prohibited from holding them accountable, even in instances of waste, fraud, and abuse. Perhaps some GSA evacuees will get nice cushy appointments under Proposition 29!

Whaddya know! Lance Armstrong is currently co-chair of that Californian campaign committee to pass Proposition 29, the so-called California Cancer Research Act. Hopefully Californians will vote down the misleading tax-happy ballot measure on June 5. If passed, the measure is projected to confiscate untold millions of dollars annually for bureaucratic government use by levying an additional $1-per-pack tax on tobacco products in already smokeless California. Revenues will also be spent on government-appointed smoking-cessation programs and on more criminal-making tobacco law enforcement. Lance's committee is pretending that Californians are solvent and can stomach another burdensome tax, more bureaucratic oversight into private business, and more crowding in prisons for victimless crimes.

Ask yourself: why does Mr. L.A. care so much about the taxes in L.A.? I thought all he wants to do is have some fun! I am sure his heart is in the right place, but he is fooling himself to dream that "the cure" for cancer will magically be discovered by a state government that has spent itself out of existence. It's just smoke and mirrors!

California itself is dying of the cancer of greed, mismanagement, and burdensome taxation. Its demise will be epic if extreme measures are not taken. My first suggestion is for Californians to NOT pass the current extreme measure, this new tax called Prop 29.

Call your friends in California and warn them about the taxes that are still spreading like cancer. Ask them to vote on June 5 against more taxation. If you don't, Armstrong's political train becomes the new high-speed rail from California to his home state. Texans could be fighting another uphill gubernatorial battle with a flat bike tire. Team Lance is quick, conditioned, well-funded, and very good at winning races.

Foresight is 20/20. Happy Tax Day to the other 49 states, for now.

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Cancer cure is being suppressed too. Watch the video here!


Or on YouTube

This is unbelievable and something all cancer patients need to know about.


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I admit to being skeptical...

When you first posted that documentary link as a comment, I was skeptical. After watching the documentary about a cancer cure pioneer from Texas being persecuted by the FDA, I have shared it with my friends. Thank you!

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California Prop 29

There are quite a few errors about Prop 29 in Ms. Jones' blog. If you are interested, just read the initiative itself and you'll see for yourself. One specific error I'd like to correct is this . . . Ms. Jones talks about high speed rail and then states "That same tax-and-spend lobby now proposes Proposition 29." Actually, Prop 29 was written by the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association, three of the most respected health non-profits in the country. None of those non-profits had anything to do with high speed rail. Proposition 29 will save lives, keep kids from smoking and just might lead us to a cure for cancer . . . and the money never goes anywhere near Sacramento. Its a good proposition and is opposed only by the tobacco companies and those in bed with them. I hope you will read the initiative for yourself and know the truth.

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Californians Can't Take Any More Taxes!

Lori Brem, I suggest you and your thieving cronies begin raising private funding for "research" to cure cancer, because Californians are wising up to the endless tax-and-spend schemes with the zero deliverables for their confiscated dollars. Your Prop will fail on June 5! All the American Cancer Society cares about is MONEY. The proof is in how they spend their money (inflated salaries for staffers) and their time (lobbying for more money to pay more lobbyists.) Cancer "treatment" makes LOADS of money for Big Pharma. The money cycles right back around to the fake societies For The Cure. Natural cures and cancer prevention cannot make anyone nearly as rich as cell-killing chemo does. Take off your blinders, woman. I prescribe an hour of sun a day without sunblock and a diet rich in organic blueberries and raw cacao. You'll snap out of it.

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I'm a Priscilla Jones fan

Always enjoy reading your work, thanks :)

People underestimate California voters...

First of all great article. Enjoyed reading it. Secondly as someone else mentioned this will not pass. It won't come close. Yes the California legislature is a mess but a look at past California propositions proves that voters are actually much more conservative than the rest of the country gives them credit for.

Lastly, I agree with the last post. Maria Shriver is not hot. It's amazing to me the quality of women Arnold gets with all his money and fame...very odd but I suppose thats a topic for another day.


This is probably going to get voted down but....

I actually followed Schwarzenegger throughout his entire time as the governor and watched every budget video he produced on his website. If anyone actually ever followed him and watched those (which they didn't) they'd know he was for less taxes and a balanced budget but he couldn't ever get both party agreement to cut the spending. In many videos he would complain about how BOTH parties would make promises and waste taxes..

Now if you asked me I'd say he was mostly ignored by the media and politicians. This made him disappointed in politics. He though he would be as successful in that as his other endeavors but found out that all is not as it seems.

Yes not perfect because he wasn't a libertarian... But an informed opinion about him would be better. The guy couldn't pass bills because the unions spent over 150 million in campaigns against him making cuts. Doesn't that tell you something?

I agree with you. He was

I agree with you. He was also a great advocate of Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" back in the day.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu


The times he tried to reduce company taxes as an incentive not to have factories sent overseas or other competing states. And promoted independent companies to fund new highways as opposed to government and improve the ability for private companies to build infrastructure instead of government.

Is this guy for real ?...

Oh and yet another shinning example of a modern day "conservative"??
What a shameful joke!

When Arnold entered the race

When Arnold entered the race a bunch of Republican voters switched to him out of fear that McClintock's perceived lack of name recognition would handicap him. So they went with Arnie, abandoning a solid conservative for a man without any substantial track record (except for statements about being impressed by Nixon) and a Kennedy family member as a wife.

Interestingly, the polling showed that McClintock's name recognition by mid-campaign was quite adequate and he would have won with a significant margin if Arnold hadn't been in the race.

Also interestingly, the partygoers at Arnold's victory bash noticed that essentially everybody on the inner-circle's raised podium platform were Democrats - the machine political functionaries and advisors from the Kennedy connections that his wife had brought in. Oops!

So the only surprise in how Arnold's governorship worked out was that he actually was a LITTLE more conservative, at first, than either of the Browns. B-b

By the way: Mathematical Psychologists refer to people who chose a politician with more perceived electability over one who is closer to their own political position as "dishonest voters". They play HELL with the math. And it usually turns out to be a bad strategy for them (as it did here.)

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.


McClintock got screwed. He comported himself so well in the debates, it was painful to see him kicked to the curb for Ahhnooowd.

another homerun!

Ms. Jones! Very astute observation, indeed.

"the accountant who lost the state race to Arnold is now Congressman McClintock and Mr. Universe is back in the entertainment business."

hey here I thought politics IS entertainment biz! lol

as Gerald Celente so often says: "politics is showbiz for ugly people."

Now as pathetic as shows like Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood are, which consist of actor/celeb-wannabes who can't, akin to 'ugly' to 'not-quite pretty' sheeple covering the 'pretty people,' guess that makes political wonks and talkingheads 'ugly people covering ugliER people!'

Is there any more apropos description for the disastrously feckless MSM propagandist pressitute whoredom?

lol, sadly no.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Eww Shriver is not hot

I agree with Matt Stone and Trey Parker that she looks like Skeletor.