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Concentrated Activism - Go Viral: Expose Romney Wave 1

Every day the mass media issues a miriad of articles praising or offering free advertising to Mitt flip flop Romney.
When I glance through the comment sections there I see a ton of uninformed people who believe ROMBOMBA SACHS will save the country. Time to change that perception!

Lets focus our efforts and attack him. Our guys @DP issue everyday great videos.
Tough, the problem is, they are mostly seen by Paul supporters and not by the people where it matters.

If everyone starts to post at least 10 minutes a day on the major newspapers and TV website comment sections something that exposes Romney then we will have a great impact. Please comment below if you pledge to do that every day from now on!(Wait for wave 2)

To make it a bit more of fun I name this

Expose Romney - Wave 1
Expose Romney all over the Internet(comment sections and boards) and post this great video from DP:


+ add some short message like: "Romney and Obama are both Goldman Sachs affilates and flip flopers, you cant trust them. Ron Paul is the real alternative of the people - google - Ron Paul"
-try to stay with your comment on topic.

Use this as a guide to find articles:

Optimal would be to concentrate on comment sections of websites who relate to upcoming primarys.
Post in the comment section below where you posted it and other supporters will support your comment.

Video source: ( http://www.dailypaul.com/227326/the-ultimate-romney-flip-flo...)

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Man that video is good

No cheap tricks. Just facts and allot of em'

☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁☁☁☁
_‟[]______▓_▓_▓__[[]]≔ .... .... ....✷ittens
__◉__◉__◉__◉__◉__◉__◉___[[]]≔ .... .... ....✷bummer
░░░░░░░░U.S.S Ron Paul░░░░░░░@◤

Better to Promote Ron Paul than Expose Romney...

the MSM will concentrate on Romney and ignore RP - so we have to promote him with all our resources and energy. WE are his media!


There are a ton of Ron Paul videos on Youtube and I didn't find any that really put all of Romney's flip-flops together in 1 place other than this one, so it is useful to pass this on to people considering supporting Romney.

Next one


Please dont hesitate to register at some of these websites. Its very fast and you will be able to use it in wave 2..3.. ;)


Feel free to copy comments that you like to other articles to save some time ;)

my comment

How come no one reports this?:
"President Obama and Mitt Romney are tied in a national head-to-head match-up, according to the latest survey from conservative polling outlet Rasmussen.
Each pulled 45 percent, while Texas Rep. Ron Paul (R) edged Obama 44 to 43 in the daily tracking poll."

Obama and Romney are flip flopers paid by Goldman Sachs, you cant trust both..


Ron Paul draws thousands to his rallys every week and wins caucus after caucus and no one reports it.
8000 people at UCLA!

Great idea

i notice its easyer for us to group up and attack a goal when its in print and executed like this...keep it comming brotha

thanks man

exactly my thoughts. Our individuality is our strength but our concentrated individuality wins ;).
Keep participating!
This is for everyone but especially for all the people with only some minutes a day to do some activism.(workers with big family for example)
Or also the kids who cant vote but want to do something.

Think about it, 1000 people online, 10 minutes a day, posting some video and a message is maybe worth more then a an ad which costs thousands in the mass media.

I pledge to do this at least 30 minutes a day!! And I started



Please add something to it!