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Some Ron Paul truth in the main stream media?!

Check this article out I could not believe what I was reading!


How many more states are going to turn out like Colorado?

The media wrote a narrative at the beginning of the primary season that Ron Paul could never win the nomination. That likely affected his performance in subsequent primaries. The new media narrative says that the nomination race is over and Romney has it locked up. That conflicts with the facts. Voters in upcoming primaries should know that this race is far closer than they’re being led to believe.

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What trickery is this?!

What trickery is this ?! MSM reporting accurately? If this becomes public knowlege it might even play into Pauls hands. Now, being the only alternative to Mitt Romney. Maybe my trust in MSM can be restored after all, because it has taken a serious hit since I started following Pauls campaign. I'm not an american so I usualy lissten to Swedish news but even they are a bit skewed when it comes to Paul. Not that it's that much of a surprice that american politics don't play such a large part of Swedish news but even when it's reported on, Paul is usualy left out just in the same way he is in american MSM.

Great article

Hope to see more like this as the campaign progresses

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~