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Ron Pauls Message is Spreading Even a 12 Year Old Canadian Is Clamoring for Sound Money


This 12 year old girl is spot on.This little girl is telling everyone the truth and the whole world is coming down economically and this is no joke. If you go on alternative news you will learn a lot more than that cursed "boob tube" that everyone looks at but me. The media is controlled by the same people who control the banks. The more you borrow the bigger the hole you are causing. If you do not borrow you will put these "Money Changers" out of business. Jesus called them vipers and other words as well. Sadly this corrupt private banking system was taken up globally during the 70ts , it's the core issue behind this global economic crisis.Congratulations Victoria, We need many more young people like you to teach the run amok adults.There is hope for our future with wonderfully intelligent critical thinkers like this little girl. --- Gerald Celente Blog