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$5 a Day Everyday This Week - Lets Push the Moneybomb to $2 Million by Week's End

‎Lets all donate at least $5 a day everday this week - lets push the money bomb to $2 million by week end - it doesn't take huge contribution amounts - just 1000s of people donating......share share share .....$5 isnt a huge financial drag on most people - c'mon - join us - give toward the restoration of the American Republic.


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Great suggestion...

... genius. I'll skip lunch today and donate another $20.


Amount: $20.12
Transaction ID: 35xxxxxx
Transaction date/time: 2012-04-18 11:15:25

Plano TX

Awesome Sleuth51 ....great stuff

Ive thrown in my $5 a day everyday so far this week

will add another $25 to the total

It isn't a huge amount - but if we could get 1000s of Paul supporters to do something like this - it would make a difference

In the end - spreading the message is really what is important - getting this message to as many people as possible and changing people's hearts and minds and money is a part of helping the spread of the message.

Every donation matters in this campaign - because its about ideas and principles that are larger than Ron Paul .....the others are just in the race for power and have little to do with actually helping America regain its identity and standing

See the Romney Flip Flop video that is posted here ....you can see the huge difference between what he is trying to do (and Obama for that matter) and what Ron is trying to do