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Ron Paul on NEOCON Talk Radio in RI CALL!


866-920-9455 is the phone number.


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Here's the link for the recorded interview...

Helen Glover interviews Ron Paul:


Just a suggestion.

Would you mind changing the title and editing a bit, since the interview is over? I think many DPers would love it but, may not click on it with it's current title.

You could post the audio link instead of the original link.

other than

other than a few odd questions she did a good interview....notice she asked if he would put romneh on his ticket... I bring this up to show she was being fair... good interview


Great interview!

She never once cut him off. His answers are lengthy and she allows him to answer completely! How refreshing! She's asking good questions and giving lots of promotion of his apperance at URI tonight.

I think she's one of us! Does anyone in RI know if her program is popular there? She may have just gotten him a lot of votes.

From reading questions from callers... Not dropping out and no place for Romney in the Paul administration!


Double post.

Can one get the audio?

I missed it; is there an archive or something?

TYVM. What a nice clear

TYVM. What a nice clear interview! Very good questions and no meanness!

thank you

just posted this over in the RON PAUL AT UNIVERSITY OF RI thread.
thanks for posting the link.

Hey, thank YOU for posting this thread!

We would have missed a terrific interview, if you hadn't!

Excellent! I'm sure he will have a big crowd tonight!


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WOW that was the most postive interview by the woman I have ever

WOW that was the most positive interview by the woman I have ever heard regarding Ron Paul.

RON PAUL DID GREAT as per usual.

9:30 is when Ron Paul is going to show up

Please call in
This woman is a nightmare

866-920-9455 is the phone number.



Fair and Balanced - yeah right. Ron Paul is going to appear at University of RI today and they are talking about Romney in Ohio!!!