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I Binged Ron Paul This Morning and

I binged Ron Paul this morning and these were the first three articles. I was delighted and encouraged to see such supportive articles on the top of the page.




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That May Be

That may be the first time ever that 3 positive articles appeared near the top of a Google search. This man, who is one of the greatest Americans to ever serve his government, gets trashed for... wait for it... wait for it... FOLLOWING THE RULES?!? How corrupt is our government if the ONE man who actually follows the rules is treated so horribly by his peers and the media?

If people would only click on the positive articles

they would come up to the top. If you see a negative article, start clicking on the positive ones, and eventually the negative one goes farther down the list.


I prefer Bung.

sounds like youve been on a binge

Why not just say searched? Why so commercial?

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We have to buy print media

spots to get our message out. No reporters are writing articles. The "4th" branch of government has failed us. The Business Wire and Yahoo articles end with "Authorized and paid for by Ron Paul 2012 PCC Inc. www.RonPaul2012.com" Sad, very sad.

That is just part

of the press release which is why you see the "Authorized and paid for.."

I startpage'd Ron Paul this

I startpage'd Ron Paul this morning, and the first site that came up said "Discuss Ron Paul and libertarians taking their ideologies to the irrational extreme"

Funny how things work.