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Any Ohio RP fans out there know

Where Romney will be appearing in his visit to our state? How about protest sign waves?

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I would love to put a GOLDMAN

I would love to put a GOLDMAN SACHS sign together. I am in the are to do this, anyone else down?

I found this

Rally at 11 AM at the Dunkin Donuts at 994 Abbe Rd., Elyria, OH 44035.

The Romney Bus will be there.

The news media will be there. Let's fill the parking lot with supporters and signs for Romney and demonstrating against Obama. You may want to park along Campagna or Antoinette Streets or at Hilltop Park and walk to Abbe Road and turn left. See maphttp://mapq.st/JdcmMO

Don't be late as the police are closing Abbe & 57 at 11 AM and we are told they will be closed until 4pm.

If you park at Hilltop Park which is located at the corner of Gulf and Burnshttp://mapq.st/HG3Vrbwalk up the hill to Abbe Road and you will be in front of the entrance to LCCC. Click here to view the campus map Turn left to reach Dunkin Donuts.

Be sure to patronize Dunkin Donuts and the surrounding businesses to support the local economy.

Suggestions for Romney Signs: Fight for an America we Believe In; Tax: Fairer, Flatter, and Simpler; Regulation: Cut the Red Tape; Spending: Smaller, Simpler, Smarter; Energy: Pro-Jobs, Pro-Market, Pro-American; Moms for Mitt; and Free Enterpirse: Hard Work & Innovation.

Why in the world would

we be there to SUPPORT Mitt?! I think you're on the wrong forum, pal.

Thursday, April 19 (tomorrow)

Fellow buckeye here!

Where is it at?

I wish I knew...

If it was close to Cincinnati, I'd be there!