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Just how organized ARE Romney delegates?

Was walking my dogs last night and passed a fervent supporter/delegate for Mitt. I asked "Hi, are you going to Reno?" (Nevada's state convention is May 4-6)) Her answer "I don't know. I paid to be a delegate and I haven't heard anything." I was silenced in disbelief. : )

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Should'a said...

the convention is May 11 - 13! jk

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa


This doesn’t need to be seen by the Romney supporters but I can only hope all of his supporters are this smart and willing to fight for their candidate !!! (where is the sarcastic button on this damn machine?)

wow !!

thats kind of strange. Hopefully we rock Nevada! She paid to be a delegate for an ass of a politician, did you tell her that? lol