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How Romney STEALS delegate votes from Ron Paul with deception!

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My Experience:

As soon as I heard about this - right after checking into the RP table at the CO State convention, I immediately went looking and found a (blue haired) "lady" handing them out. There were about 10 people standing around her. I confronted her in front of all of them, and proclaimed "Those are FAKE! We know what you are doing, and it is wrong and FAKE!". OMG, she was a deer in the headlights. She then scurried back over to the Romney table as I watched about 15' away, as she turned them in. SCUMBAGS

But myself and other RP supporters went on the offensive and stop their distribution.

Veterans for Ron Paul!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I wish we could send this to Barbara Bush....I think she

really thinks Romney is a nice fellow.


Non Sequitur

Your comment doesn't follow.

This was done by members of the GOP in that area, and this dirty trick is an old trick, part of what gives politics a bad name.

Romney, himself, was not involved.

Unless you are making the case that the candidate is responsible for the actions of all his supporters... which is something Ron Paul vehimently denies.

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