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We'll be going against "Shill"ary in November... Obama is toast!

This is my opinion, although I've seen a post or two on DP that already agree with this...
This is a gut-level dead reckoning opinion. Take it or leave it for now.

Hillary will be our oponent in November, 2012. Obama is toast!

We should begin to obviate and strategize against Shillary (and Obama) now rather than later.

Food for thought and strategizing.

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Shillary no way

democrats Love Obummer, they have been protecting him from every birther challenge. It is well known he is not a Natural Born, but they rally around him. The love Obummer care, who cares if he crashes the economy in the process of getting free health care on the backs of the working class. The elites even love Obummer, they think it is in the bag for Mittens. As far as they are concerned Obummer will be President for 4 more years.

Paul Supporters have to make sure this doesn't happen, now that Santorum is out and he has not endorsed Mittens, it may be a totally different race. When everyone finds Paul most likely to win in Tampa it will be to late to change to Hillary.

They protected Bill Clinton to the bitter end, so if you look at history you are wrong.

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I can't see the dems setting

I can't see the dems setting off a race war within their own party.

Undo what Wilson did

Right now were up against the RNC Machine

The RNC has an agenda where the interests and concerns of the grassroots is no concern of the RNC.

This fall it's the DEM Machine. The interests and concerns of the grassroots, is no concern of the DEMs.

Both parties are narcissistic and toxic. Both parties pretend that only the other party is toxic.

The personalities are inconsequential as they are not driven by principle.

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don't get exactly

the basis for your thinking Obama will be out..

Hillary might replace Biden?

She *is* pretty evil (and, unfortunately, smart..)


It's one

theory I've had as well. If it looks like Obama will lose, the Democraps will most likely put someone in to run against him.

There's a chance that they'll play on the political "novelty" of having the first woman in office next.

Who knows..

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