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Chance encounter with Police restores faith in them regarding Martial Law

So I come outa the coffee shop and see Police surrounding my car, I am thinking "OK here it comes".

Turns out I had overdue parking tickets and they wanted to tow my ass. The cop was nice enough to allow me time to run to a nearby ATM and get the money while he holds the tow-truck which is waiting to hook up. After I got the cash he escorted me to the police department to pay the fines.

As he was walking me in he had asked if I was part of the Ron Paul campaign or just a huge supporter, I have huge signsbon my car and multiple bumper stickers. I replied that I was grass roots supporter. I asked if he was a fan of Ron Paul and he said yes. I then asked if he was an oathkeeper and he looked at me and under hushed tones said "I know who they are", as he looked at other cops around, "and I support their idea. I will not enforce such commands nor will others I have talked to", referring to fellow cops who have discussed it which was emphasized to mean this is a very common conversation topic with law enforcement (wonder about how the military feels?). But that he couldn't publically support them as a law enforcer.

I told him how scary its getting with the government and he said to me, "let me put it to you this way, I wear this badge 40 hours a week. All the rest of the hours I am no different than you, we have the same concerns"
He shook my hand and walked away, and my faith in my countrymen, the police and military was restored, even just a little was comforting to know. I even expressed that to him.

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I Really, REALLY....

...Want...To Believe...this story....
But it seems too incredible to me.
Also, for the TowTruck to be there..???
A private Tow Co.,having been called wouldn't allow this.
They'd be getting beat for the travel,time,etc.
....Not to mention the Free Market that was interfered with,
and the owner calling the precint to complain...lotsa explaining
for the cop to do.

But then I remembered an incident........
I was all of 20 yrs old...working my a$$ off and I dozed off on my way home late one night.
It was fatigue,and the cop who drove me home, as my car was being transported to the junkyard, ascertained this in our short conversation.
I had told him the truth,I simply dozed off.
The other cops had suggested I tell the insurance company that a dog had jumped out in front of my car...I replied that it didn't matter since I only had basic coverage.
And as he dropped me in front of my parent's home I confessed that I was worried that my tools, in the car's trunk, would never be seen again.
The officer replied:"Why didn't you tell us earlier"?....I thought he had heard me (it was a noisy scene admittedly),and so I thanked him (for the ride home)and said goodbye....

Before I could get into bed...there was a loud knock...front door.

The cop stood outside and said:"C'mon kid...let's go get your tools".

Before I knew it we were across town at the towyard, and although the tow-guy didn't want to he was told in no uncertain terms that he'd better let me get my tools "outta the trunk..and NOW"!

Years later I chanced to meet this same cop numerous times and had asked if he remembered...he did.
And years later I read a newspaper report on how he had sustained injuries...among them, a bullet wound while disarming an escaped prisoner who had overpowered and grabbed a jailer's gun.
All while he was "off duty".
....The injuries would force him to retire.

It's been many years since then....I often wonder what became of my personal champion, and have not really known many of his caliber and integrity...kinda like the Sean Connery character portrayed in the film:"The Untouchables".
I guess you...and I have been blessed to "happen upon" these "guardian angels"....and I pray for there to be more of them.
......And I pray for them.

Sign me,a not-so-skeptical NYer.
Thanks for your story.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Thanks for sharing!

Their so many stories like yours out there where cops go out of their way to serve people and help them. Unfortunately they are rarely shared. The news stories of bad cops are what is reported because they are more news worthy and it creates a misconception in many people's minds.
I know many Police Officers and they are some of the best people I have had the privileged to know. Most Police Officers sign up because they want to help and serve people and thats what they do. That is my opinion based on my life experience.

Thanks for Caring

..Most join the PD these days bc it is a good job, retirement, health insurance,and as to be expected of young men....
....The thrill of adventure!

It's inherent of the American male (and some females)...cannot be denied...and as you point out they have that "protective instinct".
The desire to make the world a better place.

But just as prominent as these admirable traits?...
...there is a another side,a darker one.
Not an easy job, as they say: "The job will change you"....and in many cases this is unavoidable, to be expected, and as Gordon Lightfoot says:

"See the soldier, with his gun,
Who must be dead to be admired"...

So,society as a whole writes them off as a neccessary casualty....sadly so...soldiers... and cops.

But there are rare individuals who are never changed.
And they display a strength of character that attracts most people to them....whether it's in their genetics, or a by-product of their upbringing, I honestly don't know.
I have witnessed both sides of the coin.

Ron Paul is the epitome of the good guy in the white hat.
Remember those days?...Before the "anti-hero" movie genre.

And I suppose these "oath-keepers" are drawn to the character and integrity of Dr Paul...THEY NEED THIS:

A lifeboat in a sea of garbage.
Let's all encourage this breed of mankind, of humanity.
We all need each other.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!



Thank you for some good news.

Thank you for some good news. I have felt like crying today after ready the post about the TSA treating a 95 year old vet like a terrorist. It broke my heart. In addition to alarming news we need to hear positive news as well. Thanks

Not all cops are bad

It bothers me that some people on the DP group ALL policemen together as horrible people who can never ever be trusted. But that's just not true. Yes, there are some bad ones out there, and I have experienced them, but there ARE at least some good ones. I have a friend who is a cop and he isn't a bad guy.

“It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till." -J.R.R. Tolkien

I agree.

...but if they just "follow orders" they are committing the crime... and when push comes to shove the BARflies will throw them under the bus!

Just look at what's happening with the BANKSTERS? The top guys are tossing the board members of these banks under the bus. It's right their in front of your face if you just open your eyes.


If I can stand up - completely UNARMED - why can't YOU STAND UP when you are HEAVILY armed and have a license to ARREST people?

A peace officer's life is in danger....

...every time s/he violates someone's rights. If they uphold their oath there is NO DANGER or let's put it this way - they'd have a better chance of being struck by lightning then being harmed while on duty... there is virtually no actual crime. Murder, rape, theft - that's all they'd have to be dealing with - which is like what? 5% of all the present "crime" they have to deal with... if that?

I'm non-violent - and I know I can defend myself in court so I'm not concerned with handcuffs because I know how to file a criminal complaint for human trafficking. I also know about misprison of felony. If you are a peace officer and your superior officer is violating his oath or ordering you to do so - that is MISPRISON of FELONY.

Any two peace officers can sign/notarize an affidavit that their superior officer is violating his oath of office - and he will be REMOVED from office.

Contact me and I'll be HAPPY to walk you through it.

Folks like me are trying to save their lives by attempting to communicate the fact that there is a rising tide of millions of Americans that actually read the constitution.

The problem comes when the Jerry Kane's of the world have reached their last straw and have had their rights violated over and over and then potentially good peace officers get killed in the line of duty. Then 60 minutes (cabal controlled) starts drooling because they have another example of why peace officers should be TERRIFIED of everyone they come in contact with = itchy trigger fingers.

We're coming to a head here... there's a lot less emotionally stable people who are going to lose their sh*t when they find out what has been done to them... by the BARflies.

Freedom of speech was specifically put into the bill of rights to prevent violence WHICH IS WHY the CABAL wants to take it away. They are trying to create a powder keg.

When someone starts venting society is supposed to sit up and take notice and realize there is a problem which must be corrected before people start getting hurt.

I'm very concerned for both the people and the peace officers who are TRAINED TO VIOLATE people's rights by KNOWINGLY CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS like the SPLC that has been caught lying more times then you've changed your underwear... these guys can send a fax to every local PD which is TAKEN AS FACT.

Peace officers are trained to believe there are terrorists around every corner - they are trained to fear the people - it's all part of the de-population agenda. As soon as peace officers start standing up and refusing to follow unlawful orders and communicating more with the public we will have our Liberty back and our freedom will be ensured.

FYI - there is NOTHING in the constitution which authorizes a WAR ON DRUGS which is a WAR ON THE PEOPLE. Please - STOP WAGING IT!

And meanwile in Deleware Sheriffs are stripped of power by Biden


(the son not the dummy)

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Biden can't strip any sheriff of his power.

That sheriff needs to read his constitution - realize he answers ONLY to his constituents - and GROW A PAIR - he should check out Sheriff Demeo in Nevada who told the FEDs if they tried to violate the rights of his people they would be met by a SWAT TEAM.

Sheriff's need to stand up and push back - NOW.

Do you have a link?

To the Demeo story? I'd like to see that!

Somewhat Comforting

However, just look at how police treated the Occupiers. They have the same concerns? Sure didn't seem like it with multiple accounts of police brutality. And whatever the Occupiers may or may not have done, the actions of the police were horrifying at times. It would be good to know that this officer has a conscience, as I'm sure most do, but group-think is a terrible thing that leads people to participate in atrocious activities. And the strength of group-think: It will carry forward unless deliberately objected to and pushed back with similar force. Even if you don't approve of an action, your silence is complicit. So I can't take the officer at that word, even multiple officers, unless I knew that they actually prided themselves in being somewhat contrarian by nature.

I am one of the co-founders of the Christian game design studio Renewal Corporation. For our philosophy and upcoming product updates, please see our blog: http://renewalcorp.blogspot.com

I have a video that clearly shows the police brutality fake

Maybe it's the establishment trying to envoke civil unrest and a public rebellion. But watch this video about the protests.

*disclaimer, the person who made these videos is a little bit out there, but there are certain parts, including his breakdown of the gabrielle giffords event, that show it is our homeland security manufacturing stories of violence and terror.


YES - YES that's EXACTLY what it is!

Peace officers LISTEN UP!

Maybe it's the establishment trying to envoke civil unrest and a public rebellion.

You are being trained to START A CIVIL WAR which gives these WARMONGERS and the military industrial complex a reason to install FULL SCALE MARTIAL LAW.

It's 1938 Germany - Right now - and peace officers - as soon as you're done handing US over - they won't need as many of you anymore!

AFAIK, most instances of

AFAIK, most instances of police confrontation surrounding the occupy movement had more to do with protecting property rights rather than objections with the protests themselves.

Expressing free speech is not an excuse for "occupying" private or even public property.

"As he escorted me to the police department"...

Boy, did he sucker you in!

He'll say the same things to you as he escorts you into the prison cell whenever he is told to, too.

They are trained say this kind of BS to you, so you are more compliant.

Never believe a cop. EVER.

Read the Post Again

The cop was helping him out! The guy had a bunch of unpaid parking tickets and the cop was about to tow his car which is allowed under the law. The cop decided to give the guy the opportunity to pay the fines rather than tow the guys car which would cost couple hundred dollars to get it back on top of the parking fines.
This cop went out of his way to help this guy, he wasn't tricking him! read the post more carefully next time before jumping to wrong conclusions.

BitT's comment...

..and many other comments here are a perfect example of what I'm talking about. We need to TRUST our peace officers. When they are TRAINED TO LIE - and trained to make you unknowingly WAVE YOUR RIGHTS how can we trust anything they say?

When are we going to be told "just come down to the station to answer a few questions" and then we're black-bagged and shipped off to Guantanamo?

Do you realize how dangerous it is for me right now just to be typing these words on this keyboard? I've got a great big bulls-eye on my head because I'M TRYING TO SAVE LIVES.

If the peace officers take a stand.

This thing is over. We win.

Did you ask him if he reads the constitution? Did you ask him where it gives him the authority to collect parking fines?

I really do hope

he was telling the truth, But until I see it I just cant believe it

Is this some sick joke?

yeah they're people like everybody else but granted a seat of power.

Ehh I say it's nice to know

Ehh I say it's nice to know there is law enforcement who share our concerns.

Just One Question

If you really feel that way, why did you become a cop in the first place? I just don't trust them at all. Never have - never will. They are trained to lie and try to build false trust with the community.

robot999's picture



"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Blame the Drug War

Before the drug war, it was assumed that the police were on our side.

At least, they were on the side of the average majority, for the most part. Bad apples could only go so far as the people let them. As racism faded, so did many of the abuses.

When the drug war began, the average majority was very mixed, at once knowing that what they consume is a family matter, and that having a distant federal force controling them has a destructive downside.

Federal incentives have turned the neighborhood police against us, often by force or bribery, and rewards arrests and convictions, allowing the bad apples to abuse their power.

It takes extra effort to bridge the gap between the good ones, as you describe in your story.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The current police state...

...could not exist without the drug war.

The drug war could not exist if PEACE OFFICERS READ THE CONSTITUTION they TOOK AN OATH TO uphold and defend against ALL ENEMIES -> FOREIGN and DOMESTIC!

I'm not a "domestic terrorist" whoever is ordering you to VIOLATE YOUR OATH FOR THEIR PROFIT are making YOU the terrorist and THEY are the TRAITOR ->>> ARREST THEM - >>> NOT US!

You don't need an "Attorney At Law" to know the constitution. It was designed by the framers to be comprehended by the common man on the street.

Best news I have heard all day.

for real. I have been worried because lately I have had a hard time getting people to listen. So many are so thoroughly entranced by the media lies still. But we do grow exponentially.

Just how many parking tickets

Just how many parking tickets did you have? ;)