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Ron Paul named 1 of TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World

Just announced at this link:

Congratulations Dr. Paul!

I bet NO ONE here doubts that this is not true!


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TIME "he has no chance of winning the nomination" BS

Ugh! This is such absolute BS. I used to write for the ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, and they used to use my name on articles I had written, and then have their "committee" rewrite everything, absolutely everything. In the end it became impossible for me to recognize anything that I was credited with having written.

My hunch is that something similar happened here with Ralph Nader. It's hard to imagine Mr. Nader opening his article with such a derogatory statement. Why bother writing a pro-Paul article if you're only going to start with "he has no chance of winning the nomination"? This was most likely a "TIME committee" insert. They are soo STUCK on their own propaganda. This is nothing but brainwashing.

This is a repost.

This is a repost.

Do NOT click this link!

Time doesn't DESERVE your pageview! DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM!

They get paid for the ADS on the page with the info you want.

Ron is way down on the list and there are so many BS people on it before him. Khameni!?! Give me a break. It isn't worth perusing.

I'll destroy every copy of time I can get my hands on from here on out...

Ed in Phoenix

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Nader is not Paul...

Ok the Time folks also didn't proof the article...
The last line says:

"Nader, a consumer activist, has run for President four times."

Of course, it should say "Paul".

There are Many Bobs...I'm the Maine Bob!

Mainebob, pay attention young man:)

Ralph Nader was the writer of the piece! Look at the top: "Ron Paul, by Ralph Nader."
Don't worry, it threw me for a second too!

Nice to hear,

But I stopped reading when it said he has no chance of winning the nomination. I ask why not? His chances are better than ever.

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