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PLEASE pump up the comments section...


He admits they don't like Romney - we need to "inform" then that the folks prefer Ron Paul, he just won't say it!

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Just posted this ...:

Peter King is a decent man but a total zionist acolyte
He long ago learned how to play " The GAME "

He is correct in his temp taking of his constituents and having grown up on Long Island I KNOW the core under the layers of multi culti is patriotic and fertile ground for Ron Paul and can SMELL a faker like rommie

How then, fellow Paulans, does the campaign get to these base layers of
Long Islanders?

Just as the Senior Communities are untapped and FERTILE so is the base Long Island population

MANY people moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island and Long Island 10-20-30 years ago to try to out run the crime and filth that multi culti was drowning Brooklyn & Queens under.

Many moved to NJ

In EACH of these areas there is a HUGE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN

Colleges are NOT the only spots to raise PAUL CONSCIOUSNESS

there is LARGE money in these areas

the campaign is losing out if it doesnt advertise and rally in these areas.