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Flyers/Penguins Game 3 Debacle and the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION

I didn't get to watch Game 3's action live, but I was able to watch it on NHL Gamecenter Live last night. As I was watching I was able to pause and replay different things and watch things closer, especially since I knew a little bit about how the game was played. I couldn't help but make comparisons to this game and the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION.

The Penguins are heralded by the NHL to be the best team in the league and the favorites to win the leagues coveted Stanley Cup trophy since the beginning of the season. They have their "golden child" in Sidney Crosby and star Evgeni Malkin. They have media bias and I would go far as to say regulator bias (by regulator, I mean the referees). The media bias and the current situation can be better explained to someone not familiar with the hockey world in this article by a Philadelphia reporter.

Now the Flyers have been a long hated team due to their 70s reputation as the "Broad Street Bullies" where they used intimidation and violence to win 2 back-to-back Stanley Cups. You wouldn't know it watching this past Sundays Game 3. They showed extreme discipline but still were able to stand up for themselves without crossing the line.

Now, the correlation between this particular game, and the R3Volution. I see Obamney as the Penguins, since Obama and Romney are basically the same person, I believe the difference has been narrowed down to approximately a negligable 7%, they will be referred to in this article as Obamney, and the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION as the Flyers. The media bias towards the Penguins represents the media bias for Obamney. The referees represent the policeman during a peacful protest, or even just one guy with a video camera filming police in public space. The crowd represents the thousands of people coming to a Ron Paul event and the Flyers represent the major players making the message of Ron Paul reach out to his relentless supporters via the internet. I would also have to say that Jaromir Jagr would represent Ron Paul. He is a seasoned veteran nobody thought had a chance to be able to play the game due to his age.

So the game begins and before long the frustration of being behind in the scoreboard in the third straight playoff game to the Flyers results in over the line and childish acts. A Flyer was bending down to pick up his glove and the "golden boy" pushed it away from him, instigating a few fights. Players got ejected, on both sides, and play continued. Eventually a Flyer laid out a beautiful clean, legal, hit on a Penguin and out of left field a Penguin came and cross checked the Flyers in the throat, threw him to the ground, and punched him in the back of the head. The Penguin got thrown out of the game and the Flyer received a 2-minute minor. Why the 2-minute minor, well there is the referee bias, obviously the Flyer (or R3VOLUTIONARY) is in the wrong since and we shall penalize him now and give reason later.

The game continued in the same fashion. A Penguin left his feet and targeted the head of a young rookie star of the Flyers, no penalty on the Penguin, which allowed the Penguin to hunt the Flyers' #1 star with an elbow to the head. A large scrap ensued, eventually the Penguin who commited the act was thrown out of the game. And play continued. Throughout all this the Flyers kept their cool, their focus, defended themselves as necessary but made sure not to go over the line. The final score was 8-4 in favor of the Flyers, who go up to 3-0 for the best of 7 series. All because of focus, discipline and respect.

I see any chance of future success of the R3VOLUTION to be rooted in the same concept. Focus, Discipline and respect. They have all the advantage, but we have the spirit of the people behind us. Let's keep winning the small battles with dignity and respect, in the end it will amount to a huge victory for Liberty.

Tonight is game 4 of the series, the Flyers have a chance to end the Penguins' season with a clean sweep. After the celebration in Philly has ended, come join the R3VOLUTION at Independence Hall on Sunday, April 22nd starting at 1pm for the Philadelphia Phreedom Rally! It will climax with live performances by Jordan Page and Tatiana Moroz, as well as a many guest speakers including our next President, Ron Paul!