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Man strips naked in protest to TSA

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I find it odd that it Is illegal to remove your own clothes at the airport, and you get thrown in jail as a terrorist....
But when TSA removes your clothes and then proceeds to molest you, they are patted on the back and deemed saviors....
The founding fathers would have rolled over in their graves.

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

I have a new hero

I am doing the exact same thing the next time I fly. If they can sexually harras me, I can be nude.

I would rather

someone where cloths from their neck to their ankle, and refuse to be groped or have a nude photo made. Stripping naked takes away the moral high ground in my opinion. The nude photo and the groping is just making us their b**** (excuse the language but I could not think of another word to describe what they are doing). So refuse.

If you think about it what he

If you think about it what he did is a lot closer to fighting for our freedom than anything the miitary is doing overseas.



Laughed so hard I had tears!

Laughed so hard I had tears!