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"If Romney can declare the nomination without 1,144 delegates, then so can I."

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Let's have 2 Republican nominees!

I hereby declare that Ron Paul is the GOP nominee for President of the USA. Congratulations Ron Paul ! And Romney is the other nominee. Of course neither of you has yet gotten 1144 delegates yet, but no problem. Plus I am a delegate and an elder and a Senior here.

Cover/Centerfold for Ron Paul

Who's the good-looking young man?

He could be the cover and center-fold for the teen magazines.

Then he'll have teen and pre-teen girls swooning and telling their parents and grand-parents to vote for Ron Paul! :D

The race is over, GOP not pushing Paul out because

they do not want Paul to go 3rd party and that is their greatest fear, for anyone to form another credible party other than the one establishment party.

Once Johnson gets the LP nomination, there will be a push to get Paul out by giving him dog scraps.


Everyone should do this

To raise awareness that the race isn't over, I'm making mine now!

My first Ron Paul video, it has had a great response!

I beg

your pardon? I'm not a hippie. I'm a professional executive. Turn off your TV. You are dreaming up stuff.

Keepin' it real.

Awesome Poster

For Liberty!

The comments section is hilarious

"You damn Paulistas are all hippies. Why can't you just stick your head right up your own ass like all the rest of us?