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Spain's king fractures hip during elephant hunt

mentally deranged bastard

"(CBS/AP) MADRID - Spain's King Juan Carlos is recovering from hip replacement surgery after suffering a fall during an expensive elephant hunt in Botswana(...)"


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serves that NWO eugenicist right!

I'm an omnivore and all for hunting. Though I truly don't get the 'need' to hunt elephants, lions, and other more 'exotic' animals whose meat, frankly sucks. Of course any meat can be made to satisfy epicurean delights depending on how it's prepared and done, but let's face it, elephant hunts are the last vestiges from the days of the European colonialists at time when only the truly wealthy 'aristocrats' delusional inbreds could afford to do it with an army of 'native' safari support staff.

I'm all for defensive kills against 'dangerous game' animals, but on the most part, YOU have to enter their turf, so the onus on NOT hunting these magnificent animals down is all on you.

Frankly, ANY hunter who cannot see the logic in NOT 'needing' to hunt games like elephants who are a brilliant species that literally die of heartbreak when separated from its lover or family, is not a 'hunter' at all, but a simple trophy killer and poacher.

One should use EVERY part of the kill, leather to tongue and all.

If not, should study the species, before daring to kill it.

And the same bozos cry foul at cultures that consume dogs and horses, who only do so, no different than the Euro-inbred colonial safari trophy-kill 'tradition,' as their long handed down tradition from their warring days where food were scarce also dictate that they eat anything they can scavenge, or were available. But Ginormous elephant which has no other 'hunting' needs than for trophy? Go right ahead!

Besides, customs headache make it cost prohibitive to ship frozen elephant meat, at least not without resorting to more shadier side of statist bureaucratic redtape.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul