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White House wants nomination for

Citizen's Medal. Go now and nominate Dr Paul!

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I did my part and filled out

I did my part and filled out everything needed to nominate Dr. Paul

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Didn't see this thread

Sorry. I posted the same in another thread.

While winning this award might not appeal to Dr. Paul, it should get some press coverage and generate more interest in Ron Paul.

I am in favor of doing supporting Ron Paul for this award like I have done, simply for the media attention it should (emphasis on "should") generate.

But as we know, If Ron Paul were to start clucking and crap golden eggs, they wouldn't cover that, either. Except as a hit piece.

Would Dr Paul

want to be "rewarded" by a White House that is he views as an Enemy of the Constitution, and everything he stands for? I don't think he would accept it.

I wrote him in

I wrote up a nice note about how he was principled and stood up for what he believed in even when ridiculed for it. I explained how he was a beacon of inspiration and a protector of the constitution and that he was my hero.