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North Carolina Primary May 8, 2012

North Carolina needs your help now......please start investing in sending the Ron Paul Super Brochures.We need your help!http://www.ronpaulbrochure.com/

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Early voting began on

April 19 and lasts until May 5.

Any registered Republican or Unaffiliated can vote in the Republican primary.

It is too late to change parties but people who have never registered to vote in North Carolina before can register to vote at an early voting location (which you can find here).

Remember to please support State Representative Glen Bradley. He is running for State Senate in District 18 and was endorsed by Ron Paul yesterday (first endorsement in a state legislative race this election cycle).

You can find more information about Glen Bradley here:

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I already took care of my precinct in NC

and got my brochure on Monday. I hadn't realized there were so many super voters around me. The brochure is awesome and is really worth the money spent. :)

Need info on grassroot activity in West NC area

Live in Atlanta, GA. I have several boxes of supplies not utilized. I'd like to get to you guys if you need them. I may have more in the coming days... maybe some signs too.

Also can you post an election kit on all the essentials you need to know to get involved in RP campaign in NC. For example, what is the State RP campaign URL? What is the facebook name to join and see the actions. How do you organize? Just meetup or facebook? Write out some essential, actionable steps so I can post
in multiple GA RP groups in the hope of getting some support (man power, supplies to you guys).

This is a pretty good link:http://www.ronpaulforums.com/forumdisplay.php?165-North-Carolina