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Kotaku's Snarky Article on the Ron Paul Video Game

Kotaku has churned out a snarky article about how crazy Ron Paul is. They also comment about how the sprites were copied from Earthbound.

From Kotaku:

Ron Paul Video Game Could Become a Reality

Here's the first trailer for that Ron Paul video game you've always wanted.

In Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution, you play as the goofy presidential candidate as he fights his way through all 50 states, collecting gold coins and delegates while beating the crap out of everyone in the federal government. It'll be out this July and free to play in your Internet browser, creator Daniel Williams says.

This ridiculous project, which launched on Kickstarter a few weeks ago, has already reached its $5,000 goal and then some. Freedom!

(Bonus points if you noticed the copped Earthbound sprites.)


Link disabled for traffic purposes. If you want to comment on that article be my guest. Given how bad some of the trolls are on here... the ones on Kotaku are even worse. They alleged Ron Paul is guilty for everything under the sun for racism, sexism, homophobia, ext. There are also a trend of comments that say I like Ron Paul on X but dislike him on Y and Y negates X. So, be prepared.

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Very Odd

'goofy'? really? Cranky, maybe. But goofy? What sort of miscreant wrote that?

'racism, sexism, homophobia, ext.'? Just astonishing. Even a casual investigation of Dr. Paul on the web wouldn't turn up such things, seems to me.

If that's the theme that runs deep thru the InterWeb...wow, just wow. You really have to take what you read/see on the 'net with a grain of salt. YOu just never know what sorted of twisted wreckage exists in the minds of people.

Is this the sort of mentality that is keeping Ron Paul from his proper place as POTUS?


15-23 year old nerds with a modern morality complex really do hurt us as their comments feed into the memes of Ron Paul. Normal people take a quick glance and are turned off. It is quite sad.

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that's kinda disheartening to hear,

as pop-subculturalists like gamers have always been ahead of the curve.

plus I know there's a huge contingent of gamers who are R3VOL.

Granted Kotaku doesn't represent all gamers and got bought out a couple of yrs ago (or were they always owned by the venomously socialist Gawker media?), but still...


that sucks.

PS. Holy Hesus Cristos, on a bitchfest rampage after being pissed off about discovering that http://jalopnik.com/ is also owned by them, I just found out that the VW group bought Ducati!


lol maybe Ducati can finally start to win some MotoGP away from Repsol Honda, again. Poor Rossi, after that wrist fracture, never the same...

Perhaps in line with their upper echelon brands like Bugatti and Bentley, perhaps they should've bought the always aimless, but absolutely gorgeously anointed with the pixie dust of an immortal moto design master Massimo Tamburini, MV Agusta instead.

Oh well, another Italian venture bites the dust. LOL but when don't the Italians get bought out by those who actually run a business?

Hopefully Beretta stays with Italy, forever.

Those crafty busy Deutschen!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul