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An Uplifting email from Michigan HQ (from RPF)

Ron Paul Delegates may block Romney from reaching 1145...

Dear Michigan Patriots,

You probably know by now that the major media is not to be trusted.

Knowing that, I decided to count the national delegates and see where we are.

The results almost made me fall out of my chair.

I added up the national delegates who will be attending the national convention unbound. And here's what I discovered:

-In states that have held their major nominating contests so far, 627 delegates are unbound (including states where those are the rules, plus the Santorum and Huntsman delegates who are now un-bound.)

-In states yet to come, their rules assign no less than 198 un-bound national delegates.

-When Newt Gingrich drops out, his 130 delegates are un-bound.

-In states with proportional delegate allocation, Ron Paul winning 1/3 the vote (as he did in Virginia) would net us 110 delegates.

-60 delegates in two states are elected as individuals and "unaffiliated" delegates are running in those races where Romney's abysmal unpopularity may take him down.

-Then there are Missouri's 52 delegates, which have not yet been sorted.

But suppose we win only 20 in Missouri.

627 + 198+ 130+110 + 60 + 52 = 1,177 delegates.

"Uncommitted" clears the so-called "magic number," 1144, the majority of national delegates.

In other words, there's a very good chance that the majority of national delegates--who by then will have experienced months of Romney's failure to engage President Obama--will be un-committed. And Romney can be vetoed right there and then.

Of course, there's little we can do to help out in other states (except making a donation to boost our ground operations, and if you haven't given this month, please consider doing so.)

But let's talk about what we can do, right here in Michigan.

We need every Ron Paul supporter attending their county convention, Thursday May 3rd at 7pm. You can ask around for the location, or call your county Republican Chair and inquire the location. (Click here for the Republican Party directory.)

But first and foremost, we need every Ron Paul supporter registered to become a Precinct Delegate.


It's as easy as it gets--simply visit any city, township, or county clerk's office, tell them you would like to file to run for precinct delegate, and they will give you the form.

It's one page. It's free. They will notarize it and file it for you right there (you just need proof of ID and residence).

In almost all cases, you'll be running un-opposed. You don't have to campaign at all.

If you never do anything as a precinct delegate, nobody will ever bother you.

But being a precinct delegate will enable you to vote in the August conventions.

And it will have a dramatic effect on the May 3 conventions, when Ron Paul supporters fill the room, forms in hand, interested in attending the May 19 state convention in Detroit.


Please take a moment to check in as a delegate. Either let us know if you have already filed to become a delegate, or that you plan to do so.

Thanks again for all you do for Liberty,

This is from RPF, http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?372600-An-uplift....

I hope we can turn this uplift into excitement and even more effort for the upcoming states to vote.