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What an interesting day...

So today, I happened to be in my debate class, where everyone knows of my fervent support for the good doctor, when one of my classmates, a virulent anti-Paulite, jokingly gave me a Ron Paul yard sign she apparently ripped out of some person's lawn. While she and others were laughing, I realized a golden opportunity had sprung up to make an informal sign wave from class to class. I waved the sign everywhere on my way to my classes, and when I walked home, I triumphantly displayed it to the busy traffic, receiving smiles, friendly nods, and the occasional hooligan screech of "Obama 2012" or "Romney's going to win anyway."

It truly is amazing how a golden opportunity can appear right before our very eyes. And I certainly showed that student what's up!

For Liberty,

P.S: Be sure to donate $20.12 to the money bomb at 2012 hours, or 8:12 P.M!

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You also probably learned how

You also probably learned how many "closet" Paul fans there are in your area. When I wear my Ron Paul T-shirt I get it all the time. So, I would keep carrying that sign, it informs people and encourages those who support Dr. Paul.