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Another Liberty Candidate Needs your Help!

The Utah GOP State Convention is this Saturday where State Delegates will decide whether our liberty candidate and Ron Paul supporter, Jacqueline Smith will be the GOP nominee for U.S. Congress. Or, whether the chicken hawk and Romney supporting Rob Bishop will continue to vote away our money and freedoms. Jacqueline is also running to be a National Delegate. If she wins the GOP congressional nomination, she would more than likely also win the National Delegate position and be sent to Tampa.

There have a been a few videos made to help get the message out to State Delegates and I have linked them below. Please comment, like and share the videos when you can. The more views, the better.

Let's fill all of those slots up in Washington with people who know what liberty means.


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Here ya go Recon

Your contribution of $25.00 was received. Thank you for your support!
Mrs. Jacqueline Smith for Congress Staff


I'm confident in Jacqueline

She'd be Utah's own Ron Paul in Congress really. I have faith in her, after seeing her speak to a room full of state delegates I'm pretty sure she won over every single delegate who stayed for the whole hour. :)

A little help.

A little help.