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Greta Poll: Has your opinion of Romney improved?

I was spying on the mittromneycentral chat and they said, "Vote in this poll...Newt Gingrich's people are slamming it!"


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No. It has declined, in my opinion


Romney, to me, is a complete void. He is a puppet, and a mouthpiece for the banksters...and he has nothing to say.

My impression of him has definitely declined.

Like I said, he has nothing to say. And the longer he keeps talking...the more 'nothing' he becomes.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

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No. Not improved.

In fact, the spectacle produced this year by the GOP in this primary season has caused my view of the GOP to sink so low, that there is no possibility for me to consider it anything more than an organized crime mob.
It's not possible for my opinion of the GOP to sink any lower. It's as low as it gets.

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New Poll on abc...

...also shows willard mittney is down in the polls.


How the heck is this guy winning?


The romney crew is scared and desperate. The efforts to raise him up in the lame stream media propaganda channels is failing like they are losing numbers of viewers that see the lies and cover-ups for what they are. Lies and cover ups.

They are all realizing that he is losing in the polls and popularity contests and all the kings men and all the kings horses can not put Humpty willard back together again.


OMG you guys are to witty

for the likes of Mittens supporters. This is the second time I have seen the Paul Supporters win the debates in the comment sections. I really don't think most Mitten supporters ever do any research on him, just blindly follow the Limburger lead LOL.

I would be worried if I was on the other side and knew I had to face the Paul people in a Caucus debate. I bet the GOP is losing a lot of sleep in Texas!

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Mitt Romney is disintegrating with or without Ron Paul

Thank you for voting!

Mitt Romney less favorable 62.66% (3,676 votes)

Mitt Romney more favorable 37.34% (2,191 votes)

Total Votes: 5,867

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Good to...

...document and hard copy this stuff for posterity purposes.


It won't let me vote


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i tried

but my brain couldnt take the lunacy of the comments on grettas poll. we are in trouble if romneys numbers trully reflect individual supporters because judging by his supporters on the poll... they might as well be saying baahhhhh baaahhhh

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This is...

No it hasn't

and likely never ever will, even if he turns himself on his head and decries his establishment ways... because it's simple: The man can't speak the truth. He has built on himself many facets of which I cannot distinguish as a truthful person.

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I spent a few days at Romney Central

And wow, it's sad. I don't hate them, but they are woefully uninformed. Obviously Faux news viewers. I really think that if most of them knew the truth, they too would be for Paul.

They practice censorship and manipulation there, are absolutely opposed to honest debate or truth if it doesn't fit what they want to hear. The people are romney central are a very poor representation of their candidate. Freedom? Not in there!

Poll question should be

Poll question should be changed to: Has our propaganda worked?

Some of the user comments are hilarious.

Barb: "Vote for Santorum in your primary."

Cade_Collins: "Sounds like Barb wants people to vote for Rick to keep the ANTI-ROMNEY vote from coalescing around NEWT."

LOL, poor misguided sheeple.

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O yeah! now I absolutely and positively will never vote for him.

He just wants to spend R money.

Free includes debt-free!

Let's see...

The last six months included Mitt's support for the NDAA, so I'd say my opinion has fallen sharply.