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The Twelve-Year Conservative Compromise

Everywhere I turn the news and media are calling Mitt Romney the “presumptive nominee” or the “de facto Republican presidential candidate”. They fail to recognize that even by the generous delegate estimates given by the AP and CBS Romney has to gain nearly 500 more delegates to get to the nomination. Add to this fact that the estimates these “journalist” organizations are touting are just that… estimates. Romney may not actually have the totals the news media is spewing across the airwaves and Internet. Conservatives are still unsatisfied with his candidacy and are fighting to keep him from the nomination. Look at the surprising results of Colorado where Paul and Santorum delegates came together on a “Conservative Unity Slate”. This slate actually gave Romney fewer delegates than his campaign and the media were expecting. I then ask, how many more of these state conventions will go the conservative way to fight against the Romney candidacy compromise.


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Well worth the read!

A perspective we don't often hear about.