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Ron Paul attracts 2,000-plus to University of Rhode Island town hall meeting

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul drew a remarkable 2,000-plus supporters and undecided voters to his University of Rhode Island town hall meeting.

Big crowds comprised of the university and general community greeted the 12-term Congressman from Texas less than one week ahead of the state’s Tuesday, April 24th Republican primary, and the day prior to the Paul campaign airing its celebrated television ad ‘The Plan’ to cement support in time for the Ocean State’s nominating contest.

Dr. Paul’s college campus town hall meeting took place at 7:00 p.m. ET in the University of Rhode Island’s Keaney Gymnasium, located on Tootell Road in South Kingstown, RI 02881. At the event, Dr. Paul discussed his platform of constitutionally-limited government, restoring civil and economic liberties, and elements of his path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America.’


Anyone have more pictures? I could use them - you can email them to me at sussexcountyangel@live.com

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The long and winding road........

I am so very pleased that there were as many people that showed up to this place out in the middle of nowhere!! There were so many twists and turns of back roads, no street lights, driving over remote bridges. The street entrance to the university was backed up for several miles with Ron Paul bumper sticker laden vehicles. It was a sight to see!!

Warmest Regards
Stephen Dupont
New Bedford, Massachusetts

yeah the traffic was pretty incredible

yeah the traffic was pretty incredible.


My guess.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut