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Must See! License Plate Scanner in action video!

This is from liveleak, it shows how fast license plate scanners can work...its pretty scary!


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Only problem with that is

the routing number and account number at the bottom of the check would allow them to electronically withdraw the funds from your account.


This coment posted on that vid made me crack up, "If you ever get a ticket in the mail with your photo and a fine. Just take a photo of a check for the amount of fine, and mail that right back to them." lol Sick to see people on there agree and welcome it though.

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This has been around a while

This has been around a while and is in no way new.

My area has red light cameras all over the place. Apparently they reduced the rate of red light runners by 95%(or very close to that) but in some cases of these cameras, you get all the money from tickets going to the private companies that run them.

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They sent me a photo

Of Me, in My Car speeding down the freeway along with a picture of a citation to the tune of $365.00.

I sent them a photo of a check in that amount! =)

They sent me a photo of a pair of handcuffs =(


I got a ticket

with one of those fancy "photo" scanners - sent me a pic of my car. Had to pay the speeding fine but it did not count against my driver's license as they could not prove "I" was the driver- only that it was my car and tags. (Actually, it wasn't me - it was my daughter!) Nice way for the city to make some money as many people will just pay the fine (cheaper than an attorney) since it doesn't count against your driver's license.


nobody cares hugh?

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