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The New Normal- Defining Irony (TSA at it again)

I’m still wondering where the general population of this country- which can largely be described as completely brainwashed and mindlessly subservient, if not completely stupid- will draw the line, wake the hell up, and collectively say “No more!”

I’m not holding my breath for such a grand epiphany.

Although at least for one Portland businessman, that moment did come individually, in an encounter with- who else?- the TSA. However, it’s not only the man’s encounter itself that is telling; the ironic and revealing reaction of the onlookers also captures the complete obliviousness of the general population to the state of ignorant subservience and oppression in which we find ourselves today.

To wit:

Businessman John E. Brennan said he is so sick of being harassed by the TSA when he travels that he stripped down to his birthday suit at Portland International Airport on Tuesday night in protest…

… Parents reportedly shielded their children’s eyes and looked away themselves. Some passengers scattered to the other side of the room…

So to recap, a man sick of being fondled and viewed naked by government-authorized strangers in the airport decided to preempt the TSA by showing them what they would fondle or view anyways; and he was arrested for doing so (while the government-sanctioned (T)eam of (S)exual (A)ssailants remains at large).

The herd of sheep Passengers who witnessed the undressing feigned disgust at it, even averting their gaze and blocking their childrens’ eyes. Yes, these are the same passengers who, only moments later, would unblock the eyes of their children, and then encourage and console them (“it’s okay!”) while a stranger (in uniform and with a badge, of course) fondled them in their no-touch zones; or who would otherwise themselves be fondled or viewed naked by complete strangers.
The article finishes by noting:

Random observation: Brennan seems absolutely unfazed to find himself standing naked in the middle of PDX. Everyone else in that photo seems unfazed as well.

Indeed. Hello “National Security”, goodbye dignity.

And goodbye freedom.

Welcome to The New Normal.

Read the rest: http://dailypolicyjournal.com/2012/04/18/the-new-normal-defi...

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1 bump, for the dude who

1 bump, for the dude who stripped nekked protesting the TSA as described herein.. and updated with more of the article text.

ok ok, 2 bumps for that

ok ok, 2 bumps for that dude.

1 for each of his liberty cheeks... :-)

LOL! For some reason I knew he would be fat.

They never show men with good bodies naked!

ahahaha...gotta love


gotta love finding humor in the demise of liberty... :-)

on a more positive note, perhaps we could spin the whole "fat" concept into a movement...

i propose "Pounds for Paul!"

what such a movement entails, i leave to the wisdom of the DailyPaul constituency... :-)