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You talk of liberty, without knowing what it really is.

You talk of liberty, without knowing what it really is. So that you may find back the path of liberty, you must once again deploy the wings of your spirit, so that it frees itself from the bars erected by the intellect, which wanted to dominate everything and which linked you solely to matter, severing you from the Heights of Light, from spiritual life, from the spirit within you, from intuition. You talk of liberty, you wish to be free in your decisions, but even some of your decisions are hindered, because they are a consequence of the karmic threads that exist between you and imprison you within, because what you have sown you must reap. But the path of harvesting can be lightened, untied symbolically, if you accomplish this work within yourselves to see your weaknesses, your faults, your deviations, your errors, your doubts, in order to free yourselves from them. It is up to you to accomplish this work within you, to have this rigour towards yourselves. The Light outstretches towards you all the paths in order to liberate yourselves and It gives you still through the last Rescue and the Announcements of the Light and the necessary indications to get out of the prison that you have erected around yourselves.

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