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Matt Larson Offered $1,000 To Shut Down YouTube Channel

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Always like your

points of view. Keep it up.

here's the comment

>Hi, if you are interested in making more than one thousand dollar for closing down this youtube account, just get in touch. Ron Paul cant win anyway and we can bought make money. If you had the same website pretending to promote Ron Paul, but not actually then we can bought make more money


by this guy:

invalid user id?

This guy doesnt show up for ke. Is it my cpu or has the acctvanished? If it has then could there be something fishy going on?

It's still there for me

I don't know what's going on.

Hi Matt...

Thanks for advancing Ron Paul's cause for Liberty and much more. So, they offered you $1000.00. Thanks for not being corruptable, just like Ron Paul.