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Evidence of NWO Mass Arrests? - 2nd Largest Property Developer In the World's Co-Chairmen Hauled In!

By Ed Flanagan, NBC News

BEIJING – If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, you’ve undoubtedly walked by a building built or managed by Sun Hung Kai Properties, the second largest property company in the world and one of the small number of prominent developers that control real estate in this land-scarce region.

To say that the Kwok family, which controls Sun Hung Kai, has played a part in constructing Hong Kong’s iconic skyline would be massive understatement. Three of the tallest buildings in the city were constructed by the firm as well as one of the region’s more surreal icons, a replica of Noah’s Ark which doubles as a hotel and theme park. (The Kwoks are evangelical Christians.)

So when news broke that the company’s co-chairmen, Thomas and Raymond Kwok, were arrested on Thursday by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), it caused an uproar that has scandalized the city of 7 million and caused the firm’s stock to tumble.

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The Kwoks are Rothschild agents, apparently...

After investigating that thread of things it became clear that the Kwoks, leading largest crime family in Hong Kong, are firm Rothschild figureheads. Much like Clinton is in the states.

They got arrested and sent off to a large detainment facility. The real question is, who has such considerable influence that they can arrest someone who claims that height of power?

Who's behind the curtain of the game? Nobody knows.

I dunno..China is a Communist

I dunno..China is a Communist country and I have no idea what sort of ethics those people have. Sure can't judge them from what I know of their governing style, which is zilch..

It was reported there have been 200 arrests

I would like to track down some names.

List of resigners

Over 594




You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

I can't wait for the

arrests to be made in this country, with the criminals in handcuffs televised.

You and me both!

Outside giving birth to my children, would be the best day of my life, next would be my wedding:-)