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Timothy Sandefur: The Right To Earn A Living: Economic Freedom and the Law

Timothy Sandefur - The Right To Earn A Living: Economic Freedom and the Law

About the book:

“America's founders thought the right to earn a living was so basic and obvious that it didn't need to be mentioned in the Bill of Rights. Yet today that right is burdened by a wide array of government rules and regulations that play favorites, rewrite contracts, encourage frivolous lawsuits, seize private property, and manipulate economic choices to achieve outcomes that bureaucrats favor. The Right to Earn a Living charts the history of this fundamental human right, from the constitutional system that was designed to protect it by limiting government's powers, to the Civil War Amendments that expanded protection to all Americans, regardless of race. It then focuses on the Progressive-era judges who began to erode those protections, and concludes with today's controversies over abusive occupational licensing laws, freedom of speech in advertising, regulatory takings, and much more.”

Timothy Sandefur is a Pacific Legal Foundation attorney and Adjunct Scholar at CATO Institute

Timothy Sandefur personal blog
Pacific Legal Foundation Liberty Blog
CATO Institute blog

The Right To Earn A Living CATO Daily Podcast (9min 35sec)
downloadable mp3

Tim sits down with Reason TV for an interview (8min 18sec)

Audio Interview by Northern California radio duo Armstrong and Getty
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Part 1 (38min 10sec)

Part 2 (38min 33sec)

The Right To Earn A Living @ google books

I certainly hope you all find this as fascinating as I have.

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He makes an excellent point about work being an "enumerated right" in the ReasonTV video.

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