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PA Ballots and Ron Paul Delegates

A friend just emailed me a copy of the ballot for the up coming primary


I always thought the delegates names would have the Candidates names next to them so you would know which ones to vote for but as you can see that is not the case.

Can any one give the names of Paul's delegate choices for CD3. Other districts may also want to post the names of their delegates so we know who to vote for

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2-3 days before an election

You can announce the names and it'll be too late for the establishment to do a hit piece. Give 'em a week and they'd come up with something. Lo and behold look what the campaign put out today.


Anyway, it looks like we can finally go ahead and send out these names to friends, family, neighbors, email, FB, Twitter if you want. Please promote as much as possible

*****Keep in mind, the poll strategy remains the same*****

Like others mentioned, in the PA Senate race, Marc Scaringi's platform is closest to Ron Paul's.

If you live in the 4th, vote Eric Martin for House.

For information about

For information about delegates please contact the following person depending on your congressional district.

Congressional District 1: Dale Kerns – kerns.dr40@gmail.com
Congressional District 2: Bill Faust – williamfaust234@comcast.net
Congressional District 3: Brandon Magoon – brandon.magoon@gmail.com
Congressional District 4: David Garry – dgarry7@hotmail.com
Congressional District 5: Mark Brady – mavmrb3@gmail.com
Congressional District 6: Gary Lloyd – garyelloyd@gmail.com
Congressional District 7: Pat Sellers – psellers624@gmail.com
Congressional District 8: Rob Pepe – rob@pfpusa.com
Congressional District 9: Audra Cruder – audrarp2012@gmail.com
Congressional District 10: Billy Allred – billy.allred@spx.com
Congressional District 11: Scott Davis – scott@parevolution.com
Congressional District 12: Lawrence Borland – blckrose@pitt.edu
Congressional District 13: Ken Fichtner – kafst26@gmail.com
Congressional District 13: Steven Gilbert – sgilber@aol.com
Congressional District 14: Andy Maul – andymaul@yahoo.com
Congressional District 15: Rich Piotrowski – rich@richpiotrowski.org
Congressional District 15: Giovanni Landi – tfbgino@yahoo.com
Congressional District 16: Ben Sheaffer – bugsmashers@hotmail.com
Congressional District 17: Eric Villano – ericvillano@aol.com
Congressional District 18: Elizabeth Heaton – curly_brown2001@yahoo.com



I have the names of all the

I have the names of all the delegates in Pennsylvania if any of you are interested. Just send me an e-mail and tell me which district you're living in. My e-mail is dergoreds@yahoo.com.

P.S. I have no idea on the list of alternates so I can only help with the delegates.

Issue Resolved - Do Not Post Names!

Do not give out Delegate names to people you do not know until April 24th!!

The Ron Paul campaign has resolved this issue by mailing out Delegate cards (A list of Delegates in your district) to all those who have made a donation to the campaign! I received mine today, and gives me plenty of time to spread the word to all the supporters I know, without jeopardizing their position. Many of these delegates have been doing campaigning as well.



My recommendation:



Federal Reserve
"I will fight to rein in the Federal Reserve and return to a sound money policy. This will restore freedom in our "free" enterprise system, foster sustainable economic growth and job creation and halt the scourge of inflation."

Government Spending
"Uncontrolled borrowing and spending have brought us to the edge of ruin. I will back a Balanced Budget Amendment to save us from bankruptcy, restart the economy and result in a smaller, more limited government"

America-First Foreign Policy
"America should free itself from its self-imposed duty to police the world. We must have the most powerful military on the earth, but use it only to protect our vital interests. We are a Republic, not an Empire."

"The federal government’s taxation of our earnings, savings, investments and death is an affront to our liberty. I support the repeal of the 16th Amendment, the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Code and the I.R.S. and restricting the federal government to only those means of revenue permitted by the Constitution. This will restore freedom and liberty to the American people."

i agree

Mark Scaringi

Stop asking to post delegate names...

I am not commenting on anything we are doing in central PA. We have even asked main campaign to please not 'help' us. lol
I would advise those who are sending out delegate names on email requests to not do so until the night before, or morning of primary day. No one single voter 'needs' to know all the RP delegates of multiple districts 5 days in advance.


no posting names

My ex-mil lives in Trucksville.

She is going to vote for Paul for me this time. If someone who lives in Pa. could email me and tell me who the delegates are that she should vote for I will let her know. Thanks.


need help here!Bump

I have District 3 and 5 names

Email me for them, I'm part of the Erie Ron Paul Meet up group.
spitfireatme @ gmail


"The world has never known more oppressive governments or bigger governments than those which profess the cult of liberty." - Donald Sanborn

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Bump from Wi, Get it done

Bump from Wi, Get it done Penna!!!

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

5 Days till we Vote here in Pa.

I need Ron Paul Delegate Names !!!!
9th District !!!

I've emailed and nothing!!!
Please reply with some actual NAMES!!!!

Don't reply with anymore suggestions about how to go about getting the names!!!

All I want to see is NAMES!!!!!!

PA-Keep doing research or reach out to your county RP people.

No one should be posting names of delegates at this point. Thats a very slippery slope considering all the shenanigans.....

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed


I don't think anyone is going to put those names for fear that others may use it against us. Also, if you find the names, please don't post them.

Again, I recommend locating the nearest meetup group, or Ron Paul supporter, and speaking directly with them.

I can tell you the 15th Dist. delegates....

but in a private msg....

I can tell you who the delegates are in the 4th and 11th

Message me if you want to know.

Also, I recommend Marc Scaringi as the freedom-lover's choice for Senate. I used to support Sam, but he appears to have sold out...

If you live in the 4th, you should vote for Eric Martin for congress.

I agree about Sam...

I recently placed Ron Paul signs around my town, and those that were positioned close to a Rohrer sign either disappeared or were moved to a location not so nearby...

Go to RonPaul2012.com

and go to the map at the bottom and click on PA.

Look at the contact information for your district.

You might also want to chenck out if there is a meetup group in your area, they might have the information.


We did so great at District Assemblies on the first day of the CO State Convention, the Romney camp scrambled & put out a fake slate the next day (supposedly the Conservative Unity slate endorsed by the Paul & Santorum campaigns) with the names of Romney supporters. DO NOT vote for any slate of delegates unless it has the name & signature of Ron Paul's PA campaign director! Also, it's a good idea to not publish the names on the internet. Wait to get your slate from the Paul campaign on the day of the Convention.

Lol PA doesn't have conventions.

They vote on a secret ballot like a primary election.

Awful - But We Have the Organization!

This benefits the organized. Get the word out to vote for the correct delegates.

All these first-time voters will need to see a list of Ron Paul delegates outside the voting location. Be sure to be there with a list.

I stood outside on election day, and you'd be surprised at how many people stop to ask questions because they're confused or haven't made up their minds.

Being there with a sign or list can tip the balance.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I am not from PA, but

I am not from PA, but somebody that knows needs to get on top of this! If we concentrate our voting power while the establishment people split between 5, we can win this! These delegates are UNBOUND! Top priority here! Maybe find the campaign rep for your area!