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Certificate not required for ballot access in NJ

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Alright, so I'm ready to post my opinion now. (After watching almost 3 hours of this)

The Lawyer was a goof, and I'm dumb-founded as to how he managed to stumble and mis-represent his client so badly. However, that said, the hearing did provide a LOT of ground for birthers to stand on.
In the hearing, from 20 minutes into the 2nd video, through about 40 minutes into that video, the courtroom is basically schooled by the judge. He presents the petioners argument FOR them (seriously, I think that that lawyer isn't going to get another case after this), and in doing so points out that the Secretary of State has NOT recieved a copy of his birth certificate, and that no certificate has yet to be produced, anywhere.

(As it has been brought up, the qualifications for being President do say that you much be a natural born citizen. but it does not talk about who is supposed to enforce or review those creditials. I cannot speak do that, except that...)

The part where this matters is that apparently in the State of NJ, the Secretary of State (federal) gives it's nod, saying whether or not that the President is legit, so the candidate can be considered, and since Obama's campaign could NOT produce a birth certificate there was grounds that the decision could be made in favor of the petitioners, since the Secretary of State obviously failed in her job.
By doing this, the judge IS effectively stating that there is no proof that the President was born in Hawaii, Kenya, or the Moon, and thus the point that is later brought up about being "naturally born" is relatively moot.

I think the whole case was a freaking circus act, but a LOT was said in the videos that highlights the inadequacies of Obama's campaign, and their failure to adhere to Article 2 of the constitution.

Here is the 2nd video of the 3. It contains the most serious ramifications pertaining to the case, but I would insist that you skip to about 23 minutes into the Video.. otherwise your might melt at the ineptitude of the lawyer.

In the 3rd video here, not much is said that has weight. The defense attorney for Obama talks about Obama being born in Hawaii, but given that she conceded earlier that no documentation was presented for Obama's place of birth, I can't see how that statement wasn't struck from the record.

If you use this video for your FB or other networking, be sure you know what is said. Good luck :)

after watching the 3 hour video..

I don't think they admitted to forgery, they only admitted that it wasn't the type of legal document that would be usable in court. Apparently because the white house web site is not as trustworthy as a notarized piece of paper.

also, there is a bit of a transcript for the relevant portions here: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/04/10/constitut...

They didn't even get to the point where they would consider if it was a forgery or not.

That being said. It doesn't take an admission to see that it is an obvious forgery.

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What we all...

...should call for is a indictment and jury trial to review all the evidences, review all witness statements, jail or prosecute anyone who would try to pay them off, threaten them, or dissuade them from finding the real truth, and then be done with it all after a verdict is rederded.

Never in history has a lie, a blatant lie been so argued over. Never in history has a sitting president had such a secret life hidden from the public that elected him.

This tit for tat with obvious soterobamanoids/romulans is no less than a dirty trick to start a flame war.

This heart is done.

"That being said. It doesn't take an admission to see that it is an obvious forgery."



Here are the videos for the complete NJ hearing courtesy of Cmdr Kerchner.


Blessings )o(

Anyone want to clear up

Anyone want to clear up whether or not this particular piece of news is exaggerated/true/false/whatever? I don't want to vote down/up this topic before I know haha.

From some of the comments below, I see there's a lack of consensus.

Where's the evidence in all of this?

I just heard a bunch of assertions with no proof backing it up

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there isn't any, it's a hyperbolically false title

read first hand account @ link here:

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I don't see ANY links within

I don't see ANY links within ANY of the pages cited that show proof that Obama's lawyer said any such thing as an admission that the BC was an obvious forgery. No where. It's the reporter on the examiner.com saying, "in other words...." and goes on to lay it on heavy. Show me a damn transcript, or better yet, the video of Soetoro's lawyer saying what is claimed. One of the links has about 4 videos in the article of the actual court hearing. I didn't listen to them all, but if it was in any of them, I would think that the examiner, or someone, would have snipped it out and we would see a 1-minute, or 2, video of the lawyer admitting such a thing.

Until I see video of his lawyer saying it, it's bullshit.

the judge wanted them to

the judge wanted them to bring the real document 'birth certificate' in, to prove it was a forgery. how can that be possible if the birth certificate obama gave out was most likely never on paper but created in photoshop?

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Thank you for sharing this!!!

Tyranny's best friend is Liberty not served.


This a running Petition going on now> Link


It soon will be known, as the signatures on a new petition urging a congressional investigation surged past 30,000 and headed toward 40,000 going into the weekend, although it’s been available only for part of this week.(via WND)Link


Oh, give it up

People like Romney and Obama are above the law. We need to keep working from the ground up to overhaul this corrupt system we now live in. Someday, within their lifetimes, these men should see a prison cell.

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...like the DP site is being overrun by romulans and soterobamites today.


Fight tyranny on all fronts... concede no ground.

Be tireless and relentless... until these criminals cringe in horror when they hear the word "constitution." Obey it - or we WILL enforce it.

isn't forgery a crime?

shouldn't Obama be prosecuted for forgery now too if this is true?

Who cares?

I've always found the fuss about where he was born pretty exasperating. There are plenty of good reasons not to like the man, and more to want him out of office. Endlessly dwelling on the notion that he might not have been born in the country just makes you look like xenophobes. It's not going to get him kicked out of office.

He'll be out of office by November.

I'll bet anybody a silver dollar. My dream is to watch a D.C. street gang drag him into a park carrying a rope for betraying all African -American's trust.. He won't be around to be imprisoned though. My guess is France or UK. I'll double up on that.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

Lets let the court of law

Lets let the court of law take care of things in a civil manner...

Yes but he could have to face his own law (NDAA)

where no evidence or trial is needed for a non determined length of incarceration. Oh the bitter irony.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.


I wonder if the NDAA grants that kind of stuff to be used with citizens arrests.. I kind of doubt it, but it would be kind of funny if citizens could indefinitely detain anyone without trial.

No need.

Arizona's resident nutter sheriff Joe would love to be the one who locks him up.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

I can only hope all these

I can only hope all these crazy laws are being put in place for terrorists and traitors, but am more afraid they are for us...

I can only speak for my self Bear

when I say I think your suspicions are well founded. You're obviously on-line so start youtube searching FEMA CAMP and see families are already interned there with kids playing on swings behind double fence enclosures with the razor wire facing in. No one allowed into the facilities to ask questions about who is in there and, of course, no one allowed out. That is where NDAA plans to put those who are "Subversive".

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

Yes, I have seen them before.

Yes, I have seen them before.

The Constitution cares...that

The Constitution cares...that is why I care. It is perhaps the foundation of what is going on in these United States.


but that's one of the least important stipulations in the constitution. The Bill of Rights, in the meantime, is being all but completely thrown out. I'm a lot more worried about that.

Because the powers that be do

Because the powers that be do not value any of it. Why would our civil rights be protected if the office of president isn't protected from foreign enemies? It is all from the same poisonous stream.

Foreign enemies are no more dangerous than domestic ones,

and foreign allies no less worthwhile.

I'm not defending Obama here, mind you: he's one of the worst human beings I can think of. We should be focusing on the multitude of legitimate criticisms that can be used against him. The accusation that he was born in the wrong place pales in comparison to the uncontested fact that he signed the NDAA. This business about birth certificates is a distraction.