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Rand Paul Interviewed by Alex Jones Re: RP Campaign. Are they just his opinions or facts?

Any one can have an opinion but his comments paint a negative picture of the campaigns present and future situation. Don't be a hater, just listen and make up your own mind.



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Is Rand fully informed of the context of these arrests?

The nineteen Americans who were being held in Egypt had been working against the government of Hosni Mubarak. They worked for various NGOs like Democracy Now and AYM who are effectively satellites of the US State Department and are employed in destabilising countries around the world on behalf of the NWO, the globalist oligarchy that is ruining the United States with their wars and countless black ops.

In other words these arrests were blowback. They were committing seditious acts in a foreign land and may have been continuing to do so. They should be held to account in that country since they were fully aware of the consequences of their actions. This is the US foreign policy that Ron Paul is opposing and to which Rand has so far not given his full support. (He voted for the sanctions against Iran.)

Here in the UK there is a fair amount of discontent with the US Government who extradite British citizens accused of cyber crimes and other white collar crimes and with which extradition the British Government usually complies. The EU has now agreed to supply the US Government with the personal data of every person flying to the US. Neither of these actions has reciprocal arrangements with the US.

It is this asymmetrical exploitation that is resented here in the UK and goes against the idea of do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The justice system here is frankly much less draconian than in the US and many here feel that these British citizens should be tried here since their crimes if they were such were committed here.

Just imagine if there were Egyptian citizens within NGOs working undercover to subvert the US Government and they were arrested. Would the US Government agree to send them back to Egypt or would they send them to Guantanamo Bay? No prize for guessing the answer to that one.

Or if a US citizen were to be accused of cyber crimes affecting the UK. Would the US Government agree to extradite them to the UK? Oddly enough the answer is NO.

Now what if the EU demanded that the personal data of everyone flying to Europe from the US be sent to the EU for investigation by the EU authorities. Would the US Government agree to do that? How would the American people feel about it if they did?

In the case of the Interpol agents working in the US I have read some time ago that they are in Washington for the express purpose of investigating crimes leading up to the financial crisis and that they will be arresting and charging well known members of the financial community. This is apparently an ongoing investigation that I personally heard about some time ago.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

The Ron Paul Revolution

will only continue if we accept some minor differences in candidates. We are not going to get 220 Ron Pauls in the House and 51 in the Senate. Rand is BY FAR the best senator and the best in the House/Senate combined with the exception of Justin Amash.

So, even the BEST senator isn't good enough for you guys. Don't let perfection be the enemy of good --Voltaire.

He is anti-Patriot act, pro civil liberties, anti-TSA, anti-big government. He is the closest to Ron Paul's position on foreign policy as any Republican in the Senate. He understands Austrian economics, and is WILLING to go on the Alex Jones show.

You guys who want the perfect candidate all the time are going to end up hiding in your basements wondering why you never win any elections.

Tu ne cede malis.

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My hat goes off to Rand Paul

Rand Paul opened the door for a VP invitation and said that it would be a great honor, and I salute him for this!!!

Coalitions require no compromise of principles. Ron Paul has proven this many times.

Of course there is no argument that Ron Paul as PRESIDENT would be BEST, but if this doesn't happen, then Rand as VP is definitely better than a federal government ran amok and a president who is NOTHING, but an empty suit and a marionette of the power elite.

I believe that darkness is the absence of light and that little light destroys much darkness. So yes, having Rand as a VP would be GREAT!

This topic is a tabu around here and I guess this comment would generate some negative votes. But that's life. And no, life's not supposed to be fair...

The founding fathers were

The founding fathers were forced to pair up with opposition and it was a hell of a lot better than what we have now. I won't vote for Mitt Romney... but I would vote for a Mitt Romney-Rand Paul ticket... there I said it.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

Not me....

Evil is still evil!
What a bullshit move this would be. Simply to sway the RP voters....are we that shallow? What will VP Rand Paul do to make any difference in policy?

He is better serving as a Senator rather than being a stooge that sits behind the President in a state of the Union speech.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Rand Paul is not Evil. Broaden your horizons. VP's

Broaden your horizons. VP's often go on to become not only the President but also leaders in the future direction of the party in power. A Vice President Rand Paul would be substantially more powerful than a Senator Rand Paul in the long run.

Murray Rothbard explains in "The Ethics of Liberty" that there is nothing wrong with voting when one is against the state completely. It's a vote of desperation in hopes that there will be less state as a result. A vote to put Rand Paul in the White House as VP is not a vote for the lesser of two evils... it's a vote of desperation that hopefully something good will come of it. Choosing between Romney-Gingrich and Obama-Biden is not the same as voting Romney-Paul over Obama-Biden and you are dreaming if you think otherwise. The aforementioned is a lose-lose the latter is a lose-potential win.

Our movement lacks much needed pragmatism, e.g., note the success of the Audit the Fed bill vs. "End the Fed".

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

The stooge that sits behind the president

The stooge that sits behind the president happens to be the President of the Senate. The Senate has the sole power to try a presidential impeachment. Also, as a Pres of Senate the VP can cast a tie break vote (article 1, sec 3, clause 4 of the US Constitution). Last VP to do this was Biden. Plus, VP is the first in presidential line of succession upon the death, resignation or removal of the President.

The VP has access to sensitive information. Also, the VP as president of the Senate has authority to influence the way the senate votes, in case the President decides to suspend the Constitution and institute a Marshal Law. Although nowadays the Pres can do this on his own anyways...

This tends to not look so bad in light of the Patriot act, NDAA, FEMA, 450,000,000 40 caliber rounds order by DHS, TSA, CISPA, 20,000 drones in the sky by 2020.

I am not saying you are wrong or I am right and I don't want to settle for the lesser of two evils. I decided to write a few of my thoughts only. And I welcome opposing arguments!


But the whole Romney thing is revolting to me. It's a suckers bet.

I do appreciate the comments on the stooge which gives me a different perspective.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Gotta thumb down this!

Gotta thumb down this!

All you perfectionist the

All you perfectionist insulting the senator from Kentucky look at your own state. We have a good one and an evil one, most of you dont have a good one between you. While you dipsticks insult his itegrety because he's not on the campain trail on his offwork weekends. He's giving free eye surgery here in Kentucky. He's one of the best senator's we've had in a long time.

Not half as good as his dad though.

He's a compromiser. Come on, let's face it. He's for the Iran sanctions which is in no way in the best interests of our country. Putting sanctions on Iran hurts US economically, as well as pushing Iran to funnel their resources to the BRICS countries. It also is a prelude to war and that is the biggest test as to who is an insider and who isn't. Who will take the stand that is unsafe for their career and repudiate war. So far, Rand has done nothing to make the Military-Industrial-Complex feel threatened by him. So what is he?

Someone please give me one reason why sanctions on Iran is in the best interests of THIS country before you thumb this down.

John F

Too Chummy with Hannitty

He also goes on Hannity and they talk about what good "Friends" they are. How could he even talk to a guy who has stabbed his father in the back and lied about him on so many ocassions? Hannity also calls us thugs.
Never forget that when we had Iowa won it was Hannity who first aired the "Racist Newsletter" reports.If Rand thinks he can play up to this snake he's goming to be surprised when Hannity waits for the right moment and stabs him too. A snake is a snake is a snake.


well since no one else

well since no one else dared...
the best argument you can make is that Rand is the sneak attack to compliment the bull rush by the good DR


People, we don't need to be hating on those who are with us. Not really a smart move on our part, IMO.

Doc, glad to meet a fellow Kentuckian. Friend me on FB.

Francisco d'Anconia - Atlas is Shrugging

Anyone remember him? For those that don't, he's that character in Atlas Shrugged who appeared to be working against his late father, destroying the company he had built rather than building upon it. He did so under the disguise of trying but failing. Why?

Because he did not want to support a country/government/group of people who were fighting against the libertarian principals he believed in. He believed the best solution was to allow the current system to implode on its self and rebuild Atlantis upon the ruins.

Essentially, our government feeds on us, so stop feeding it, let it die, and we will be free. Would 1 single senator be able to change the thought patterns of America at large? Or would Liberty be better served if he didn't slow the cannibalistic government's progress towards self destruction?

well, for most of us here who have followed the

trajectory of FED.Reserve's activities, and the reality of this little fact that the Amerikan MSM gleefully omit: $1.5 QUADRILLION (1,000 x 1,000,000,000,000) by Bank of International Settlement's own aggregated numbers (from 2010) alone, in worldwide derivatives exposures, we already know that it is simply mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to 'save' the current global economy in any shape or form. Period.

Dr. Paul's Presidency would be the ONLY one in which the global econ collapse would be cushioned somewhat, upon the ashes from which we would be able to recover the quickest, as Dr. Paul is a de facto economist, one who PREDICTED EVERY CURRENT ECON Malaise that we're facing today.

The only one who can help us guide the ship through perilous channels without setting off floating charges, is Dr. Paul. NO ONE else alive in the political arena can or will be able to do it.

So as far as I'm concerned, the global econ collapse is an INEVITABILITY.

Just matter of how much we can cushion the blow, and how quickly we can get out of it.

The REAL problem is the sheeple's response, post-SHTF.

The moron brainwashed sheeple statists of BOTH political factions will essentially want MORE from govt stolen wealth of the citizenry for the corporatist statist govt terrorists to waste on their pet projects.

Well, by then the peons would have nothing else to give and would have reached a pressure point with nothing left to lose.

If one were of the Ruling Class, if you knew all this, their best exit would be to steal everything they can before the collapse, get the peons to fight each other, ie 1% vs. 99%, when the reality is more like 0.0001% really select few vs. 99.9999%.

And the 'peons' are willfully falling for it!

While ALL of you and the Doc are doing the best he and we can to alert our fellow human family to the con, we really need to have enough critical mass of enlightened population who actually know what and WHO the real culprits are, and how and why we got here.

As in proper identification of Cause vs. Effect, something that is sorely missing in current political discourse.

Sadly, the 'TeaParty' is NOTHING like the one that we re-started in Dec. 2007. The astrotrufed Tea-o-Cons are just a bunch of unprincipled mindless drones who still love everything Military Industrial Complex and AIPAC's war for Israel. Aka. NeoCon Trotskyite Commies, by any other name.

Then we have the same corporatist liberals talking slightly different rhetoric, but statist murderers all the same.

Now we have the added element of completely econ imbecilic OWS, repeating the same Keynesian to the corporatist Hamiltonian 'American System' BS mantra that got us into this mess in the first place.

So short of a PRESIDENT Paul, while we DO need to 'rebuild' our society post-collapse, frankly, unless he's the POTUS in November, many of us are going Galt and would gleefully let the entire system implode all by itself, and get the F' out of its implosive way.

Maywood, CA is the model I would personally would love to see repeated nationwide.

Still, we do still have to influence at local as well as national levels to keep seeding the RIGHT econ ideas. Otherwise, what will come out post-SHTF is gonna be far more tyrannical than where we are today. And BOTH liberal and neocon statists would be all too happy to demand more govt and squeeze the 'peons' into further debt slavery, just under a newer fiat system.

So where will we go?

Let's face it. There is NO dispute as to the origin of ALL current topics of political discourse from balanced budget, the deficit, national debt, derivatives, the Federal Reserve, the very notion of demanding to know from the politicos and the citizenry just 'what the role of govt should be,' these were ALL the issues championed by Dr. Paul for over 40yrs, and now we're carrying on the torch along side him, and will continue to to do so long after our Gray Champion travels on into eternity.

In that sense, we TRULY have already won.

Of course none of these statist a-holes are ever gonna publicly admit, nor give Dr. Paul or the R3VOLution any credit for forcing them to talk about all those issues.

That's why even though ALL their proposed solutions aren't solutions at all but simply biding time until 'they' figure out what the exact nature of the next Fiat System will be, nevertheless they still have to feign speaking in our own rhetoric, as well as offering BS 'solutions' that on the surface, to the uninformed, that SEEMS like they're making sincere concerted effort to resolve our debt issue.

There's been long arduous talks among libertarian circles as to whether ALL libertarians/minarchists/anarcho-capitalists/voluntaryists and Dr. Paul should avoid current politics and ANY govt occupation at any level altogether, as to be eliminate any possibility of opening ourselves up to be blamed for what WILL HAPPEN ANYWAY.

Though, I'd rather have that 'problem' of the Doc being in position to even be 'blamed' for it. Because higher the risk, greater the reward. Can you imagine how the future would look WHEN Dr. Paul and we do succeed in embarking upon a truly sound econ model in first time in known written human history?

That is part of the prosperity reward that awaits us!

Don't think that was the plan?

Well, I submit one Jane Mayer.

Now, prior to her expose' on the Kochs, most liberals had no idea who the Kochs really were, or what 'libertarian' even looked like. Sure 'movement' liberals and wonks were aware of it, but not at the levels they do now to the casual HuffPost perusers, in the post-astroturfed "Tea Party"-era.

No doubt the reason why Jane Mayer that wrote an expose on the Kochs in Aug. 30, 2010 to was to try to link libertarian movement as a whole to the KOCHtopus is precisely because the Ruling Class already knows the ramifications of the rising RP R3VOLution.

Her sole goal was to link Dr. Paul, Rand, Tea Party (both real and astroturf), libertarian movement as a whole, to the Kochs, the corporatists extraordinaire.

And predictably, Mayer's 'sudden' revelations were repeated by the usual suspects: MSDNC, DailyKos, ThinkProgress/Ctr.4Am.Progress, Media Matters, MoveOn et al. And put on repeat spin cycle, like forever.

That's why they had to malign the entire Tea Party as representative of the Beltway Faketarian KOCH Bros funded 'libertarian' movement, so that we the R3VOLution will all get blamed for the inevitable.

Their playbook is too plain to see. But didn't stop any of us from still speaking the truth. And be it by organized measures or at everyday encounters from the grocery stores to the gas pump, individually attempting to 'convert' anyone and everyone we come across who seem open to discussing these issues.

My sincere hope, as someone who truly believes and sees that the Uni/Multi-verse always eventually lean toward Justice, is that the power of the Truth wins out, in the end.

Perhaps it maybe giving too much credit, to expect the current sheeple populace to exercise some common sense logic like the most plain one of them all, like asking: 'Are we in the current financial mess BECAUSE the entire world's been following 'libertarian free market econ' especially the one that the Ron Paul has been championing for so long? Really? Ron Paul's ideas have been the operative econ paradigm in Washington DC and Wall St. for over 150yrs?'

Will they ask that simple question? Who knows.

But, if they can answer that, it should be easy to see who is really to blame: the same a-holes who got us into this mess in the first place, claiming to know how to get us out of it!

That said, common sense and logical deduction seem to be in such short supply these days in Amerika. So frankly, I don't really have high hopes that the sheeple would be even that enlightened in the most miniscule of ways enough to take time to make that distinction for the Doc and the ideas that he and we speak of.

So long story short:

1. The collapse IS gonna happen as long as the Fed. Reserve and the Exec. Branch & the Treasury and their Wall St. overlords continue on the current path.

2. It's not IF, but simply a matter of when.

So what's the solution?

Keep plugging away rubbing shoulders as bunnies in a cyanide infested range filled with wolves? Or dig our winter holes, or find winter caves to ride out the snowy storm?

Ask me again in 2yrs. I'm still struggling to figure that out myself.


The best I can do, is to just prepare the best I can, and simply ride the wave and see where all this leads to.

But, I do have my own personal line in the sand that I will not let ANYONE cross.

Then again, I would assume that the time in which the 'peons' would be seeking who the best manufacturer of guillotines are, will come far sooner, than my own personal line in the sand being crossed.

PS. Just be careful and pay attention to what your local SWAT and PD do with their confiscated drugs, weapons, cash, cars, and other evidence cache, once the entire society implodes via currency collapse.

Because my distinct and certain guesstimate is that when SHTF, the first local warlord to pop up, other than your local gang, mob or drug cartel, would be the newly laid off cops.

And being fmr. govt lackeys that they are, they'll simply rationalize it as: they had to become the cartel themselves, to beat the cartels. Like 'had to destroy Iraq to save Iraq from themselves.'

Their double speak certainly won't change.

Don't know if people truly thought this through. But the only ones in our society who are as criminal as the criminals themselves are the govt terrorists, as they're the only ones who are intimately aware of who the criminals are and how criminals operate, and study daily on HOW other criminals operate.

You have to figure that eventually those skills would be put into use. Especially when they have so much contraband laying around idle in police impounds and evidence lockers. Besides, they probably know all the same black market channels that the same criminals that they took that from.

Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss.

It's no secret that's the precise reason why you have ridiculously high rate of corruption in every city's narcotics divisions.

In most cities, narcotics related confiscation IS how their narcotics department gets funded: from all drug-related seizures. So, the narcs have a built in incentive to make arrests and steal whatever, and whenever they can!

Narcs are essentially systematically taught to become criminals themselves.

Eventually, if you swim with sharks long enough, you either become one of them or have to be better worse than them, even purely out of selfish survival interests; you have to adopt their ways or surpass it.

Too bleak? Perhaps. But seeing how they act now, even under the supposed Rule of Law, however little of it there is left nowadays, can you imagine when SHTF what 'standards' they'll exercise, then?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Many sons dont agree with their fathers

and lets face it:
Rand wont be the one that carries on the revolution.

He isnt on the campaign trail for a reason.

If Ron Paul does not win this go around

you can bet on a Rand Paul run in 2016, and you can bet on me being there to back Rand 110%. I am not ignorant anymore, I know what Rand is doing and he is doing one hell of a job.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I think some are over

I think some are over reacting just a bit... Rand is being honest, that this isn't a slam dunk, and with all we have been up against, that is the truth. He often speaks like that in general, downplaying expectations, etc... And I think he does it for a reason, because if we don't win, there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be devastated and give up. But it is critical that we, as a movement, don't fall into such pessimism in the short term. He doesn't say it's over. Focus on the positive things he said, and don't get hung up picking everything apart.


It is a widely held belief that members of a family have similar characteristics. This is misconception. Two persons in the same family may be very different. Rand Paul or for that matter any other member in Ron Paul's, Doug Wead's, or our families may have different interests/ideas than those held by Ron Paul. Rand Paul is just another politician with good and bad points.

Just because Rand says he

Just because Rand says he would consider being Romney's VP, it doesn't mean he's bending to the will of the establishment. Has no one stopped to consider maybe Romney would ask Rand to be his VP to bring the Paul people into the Republican party and give them a voice? As the Vice President, Rand could have an amazing pulpit to spread the ideas of the revolution. Back in the day, people ran with vice presidents who were ideologically opposite from them all the time because they had to in order to get the votes to win. If Rand gets picked as the VP, it's because Romney knows he needs the votes of the Paul people, and isn't going to silence Rand's voice lest he turn away the exact people he's trying to attract. Short of Ron Paul winning the nomination (which I still think could happen), a Romney-Rand ticket would be the best thing we could hope for.

It sounded to me like he was

It sounded to me like he was just talking about the office of VP in general... That it is an honor to be considered and thought of as someone who has an influence shaping the direction of the country...given he is still only a freshman Senator... and I'm pretty sure that's what he meant, because it's the same thing he always says when asked about that question, and he just repeats the same answer.


can't believe we even have to parse that, even here.


while Rand will NEVER be Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, he is ABSOLUTELY necessary in Senate.

There's a reason why the Ruling Class on both sides went after him, so venomously: a Senator can single-handedly stall or block a bill, unlike a representative.

And like it or not, both statists factions are FORCED to listen to Rand as whatever his stance on any given legislation before the floor, as it would have far more ramifications than what a single House of Rep member does, or say.

Guys, you really have to learn to read between the line.

But where I do draw the line is, if Jesse Benton thinks he can 'deliver' Ron's support of votes to whomever Benton decides should go.

Short of that, we NEED Rand in the Senate, or liberty candidates like him. Have you guys truly thought through how many bills would've simply been rubber stamped and sailed through, without Rand's opposition??

Seriously, stop and think on it.

Remember, he single handedly stopped a portion of NDAA that would've allowed indefinite detention of an American citizen, EVEN IF you were acquitted of the charges!

Not to mention, one of the few that actually voted against the NDAA, voted to NOT renew Patriot Act, prevented further criminalization of synthetic drugs, proposed official end to Iraq War and Afghan War withdrawal, single handedly stopped Iran War from starting, just to name a few.

Now I 'get' that many of you here are not happy with his first vote on Iran sanctions. Now I'm not sure whether that was an automatic vote in which he was 'precedured out' or what, but he DID vote against Reid's bill that would've instantly escalated it to war vs. Iran, when it counted. So for me, that's a sign of lessons learned.

He may be 30~40% in Ron Paul-ness, then again, Dr. Paul is absolutely irreplaceable, and is simply an American Original.

I truly cannot see anyone measuring up to him, for a long time. Plus, the Doc's got like 4 more decades on Rand, and by nature of his age and historical epochs in which he lived through, Rand, nor anyone else will ever be able to match him.

It's unfair and unrealistic. Rand speaks in a very subtle 3rd person, precisely to make the distinction that he IS different than his father, without having to constantly verbally reinforce 'I'm not my father,' as any progeny of a well known man/woman have to inevitably deal with their shadows of.

This is why, as far as I can tell he says "What I WOULD say is..."

He's saying whatever comes after. He at the same time owns and disowns the statement that comes after, at the same time. Because when one says "what I WOULD say is," they're speaking in a minor hypothetical proposal, but it's like 'hey, I'm still gonna say it.'

But like any grandpa in your family, with age comes wisdom, and especially in your latter yrs, you simply don't have patience and become even more blunt than during your youth. Which has always been part of Dr. Ron Paul's charm. So it's unfair to expect Rand to speak in the same blunt manner.

Yes, all of this seems moot as the currency collapse looms, and the urgency in solidifying and spreading the Doc's and our message seems more urgent than ever. At the same time, Rand IS there now. It's obvious that his delivery is different than his father's.

I really hope some would see that and see that he is an ally.

You do not get to grow up in a family whose head is the titular head as well as the actual head of a completely uniquely American Patriot/Freedom/Liberty Movement for over 40+ yrs and become a neoCon. This ain't like growing up a Kennedy. We're talking the 2nd generation, heir to the Anti-FED.Reserve, Pro-Gun, ANTI-NWO movement here, dang it! Rand is not some ordinary 'politician's son with different views.'

He's bound to catch more flack, and perhaps that was the goal all along. How else do you guys explain the 'love' that the neocon freakshows like Medved, Hewitt, Dennis Miller, Eric Erickson, and Hannity calling Rand their friend and praising him for holding what essentially is the same foreign policy as his dad, just worded differently, all the while smearing his own father?

I see Rand simply doing more of 'keep your friends close, your enemies closer' than his dad.

So I'd ask you guys to read between the lines, and cut the boy some slack. Senate would be a horrible rubber stamp for even more accelerated NWO tyranny, without Rand, or even Mutt WRONGney supporting Mike Lee.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

This is nonsense

Once you become a member of Romney's administration, then you are forced into endorsing and supporting all of Romney's agenda -- not the other way around.

You have to campaign with him, and publically agree with what Romney says.
You have to whip the U.S. Senate into voting the way Romney wants.

You get no independent voice.
You just become a yes man.

We all know that Romney is a rich fat-cat, who is sponsored by Goldman Sachs, the Bankers, the War Establishment, and endorsed by the Bush Family.

Romney would never give Rand Paul any role in policy direction. His direction is for more War, Human Torture, Corporatism, Police-Statism, and the acceleration of wealth to the top 1%.

And unless you are Dick Cheney, Vice-president is the least effective, and least important political position someone could ever have.

The very worst thing the Paul family could do is associate themselves with the likes of Mitt Romney in any way. Their political relevance only comes from opposing every single thing that Romney wants to do.

Rand Paul

I was unsure before, but now it's clear.

Rand Paul is a Judas. He's been paid his 20 pieces of sliver to deliver the Ron Paul revolution to the Republican Party.

The GOP has given him power and recognition. Now it's his turn to deliver the goods.

They know/want RP to lose and they are looking beyond it to the next step, and for them the next step is trying to assimilate us to the party, much the way the tea party movement was.

I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul, but I don't trust Rand Paul one bit.

"The Ron Paul Revolution"

Look around you. If the revolution had been successful, Ron Paul would be winning the Republican nomination. The Revoluion has failed to win over more than 15% of Republican primary voters. Either we all march in step to the guillotine and let the GOP establishment execute us for the party traitors that we've been, in which case the revolution will disintegrate into loose, warring factions, or we find a way to infiltrate the GOP permanently, gain credibility, and slowly take it over.



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Rand Paul Needs a Spanking

I am a big Rand Paul supporter. I think he is one of the most gifted and articulate speakers in the senate. However, if he was one of my children, I would give him a spanking (Yes! I am kidding). I think what he says carries more weight, compared to some journalist, or even senator, making a political comment.

I do believe there is something to be said for being, and stating, the positive. I speak to large groups of people for a living. If I walk into the room with low energy and little enthusiasm, it doesn't matter much what I say. They won't be motivated to listen. On the other hand, even if the group is tired and worn out, if I am excited about the topic, they will be as well. I don't mean to sound cooky about energy, etc., but it is just something I realized after many years.

Others today underscored the point that it is the movement which is important. We all agree. However, we must win NOW. Yes, they will continue to take over our lives (NDAA, NDRP, TSA, etc.), including the internet. Last time I checked, over a hundred congresspeople signed onto CISPA. We need to recognize there is a real sense of urgency given the political climate.

I Really Don't Understand How This Is Really An Issue of Concern

There is so many things going through ones mind while standing up in front of a C-Span camera and speaking before your peers on the senate..

Energizing oneself to speak in a way that conveys a topic in a more positive light is no easy matter. There is a lot of time constraints, and scheduling issues on a daily basis. It isn't always easy to gear up or be energized for every speech or event.

You must be a special person to have the ability to be self energizing. Most people I know have a very difficult time attempting to energized before every talk or speech.

I can think of so many more congress people that could use the improvement. I wouldn't be so interested in his energy level. Maybe you should walk in his shoes awhile and see if could understand why it isn't always possible to be more positive or energetic..

Everyone is different my friend. Some are better than others. I'm more concerned about a persons character and integrity than in their energy levels...Maybe, if this is so important a issue to you, you might make an appointment to discuss his lack of effort to be energized..

I personally wouldn't worry about Rand..I'm more concerned about the other 99 senators and their lack of integrity, or having little or no character..

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Make an appointment? Geez, cut me some slack.

I understand that it is not easy. Emalvini, you wrote, "I personally wouldn't worry about Rand..I'm more concerned about the other 99 senators and their lack of integrity, or having little or no character.." Either I was unclear, or you misunderstood what I wrote. Didn't I emphasize that I was a big fan of Rands and that he was one of the most talented senators we have today? Of course, he is a person of integrity, and that is why so many people on this forum admire him. However, I think we have the obligation to point out that his interview with Alex Jones did not appear to be in the best interest of the campaign. Others agree.

Also, my point about energy had more to do with perception than anything else. It's important to stay positive. The daily listener to the AJ show may not be on the DP forum. Therefore, after listening to Rand yesterday, the perception of the listener may very well be, "this thing is almost over." Most would think that one's son would know. This is not helpful to Ron Paul. I made the point that even if you are tired, or as you say under "time constraints," you still have to have the discipline to present information in a way that conveys a positive perspective.