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Crazy fun grassroots action (measurable impact).

When I was promoting "In It To Win It" money bomb I noticed that Ron Paul was increased search term on Google search. Even media was totally ignoring Ron Paul and money bomb was only thing promoting Ron Paul we made an impact. We will do the same thing again but we will focus on smaller population. Why not?

It is simple.
0) We pick a state that will soon have primary.
1) We collect all websites, Facebook pages, forums etc. in that state. (start posting links to them here)
2) We post on them about Ron Paul.
3) We measure impact with Google Trends.

If I get 60 people on top 3 Ron Paul sites(dailypaul.com RonPaul.com and RPF) I am going to launch this idea.

0)Pick a state:
Pennsylvania - Total population 12,742,886 April 24, 2012 72 Primary
Last 30 days:

New York - Total population 19,465,197 April 24, 2012 95 Primary
Last 30 days:

*those 2 are chosen because they have enough Internet traffic to be tracked on Google Trends and their primary is soon.

It is simple:
I need few people to provide me with links of all internet sites for a state we choose where we can post comments, videos, tweets etc.
Then I need people simply to use those links and post on those websites.
Same action on different website:

Please keep this on top if you thing it is a good idea.

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If you are looking to harvest

If you are looking to harvest sites, figure out the appropriate footprint i.e. the state name or city name along with a comment field

Then get Scrapebox and harvest all the comment-able sites that you have found....



Scrapebox costs 100 dollars and I dont need scrapebox ;)