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Red and Blue and Broke All Over by Charles Goyette

Charles Goyette NY Times bestselling author of The Dollar Meltdown joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for a special book review interview ‘Red and Blue and Broke All Over by Charles Goyette’. We discuss several powerful chapters of his new book including the blessings of liberty, fascism and crony capitalism and the dollar endgame.

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Goyette Is Yet Another

..Voice crying out in the wilderness.
The wilderness of TARP Bailouts, Monetary Systems imposed upon us by Federal Edict,and the Crony Capitalism that has created this huge mess we are all saddled with today...and down the road.

When the full effects of this financial folly hit home, what will we do?
He's suggested a future of family budgets unable to make do, and says it will affect everyone across the spectrum, with more Govt "quick fixes", such as price controls...which will lead to rationing, and it's a scenario that's happened before.

History always repeats itself, and those who haven't studied it are doomed to make the same mistakes again, and again.

I enjoy listening to him speak and if the book is a mirror of his conversational style it will be a pleasure to read.

I am a fan of Gerald Celente, who is more recognized for his "doom and gloom" speaking style(along with his many "cliche's"), and it's to be noted that Mr. Goyette's style, although addressing the same maelstrom of financial calamity,solutions and analysis is cut from a different cloth...

Thanks for putting this out there....we need more people talking about this...more honest,frank discussion and solutions.

I'm going to add this book to my library.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I've met him

and own several of his other book (translated by the thousands in Asia) I have heard him speak several times too. He is very smart http://www.charlesgoyette.com/ and I wish he and Thomas Wood would write speeches for Ron. They are inspiring. Ron is a smart guy... a guy to get things done. They can do for Ron what that fellow (forget his name) did for JFK.

I ordered his book today

Actually I ordered 2 of his books. Goyette seems to be not only one of the good guys in this whole thing but also one of the smartest ones.


Thanks Kurt and Charles. Sounds like an important book, with sound but imaginative descriptions of our nation's health. (Like the Gold, Stick and straw Houses.)

I'll check it out.

Free includes debt-free!

Very Worthwhile

The book is on my list.

I preordedred this book and

I preordedred this book and as soon as I finish my semester it's first on my list!!