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Rep. West doubles down on communist 'ideology' of Progressive Caucus

Don't know much about Allen West...


Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Thursday maintained that "the strategy, the tactics, the ideology" of Progressive Caucus members in Congress are the same as those of the Communist Party...continue reading at THE HILL

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is correct about the Progressive Caucus.

But he's scum.
He loves war, is VERY pro-torture, and in fact he was basically kicked out of the Army for torturing prisoners himself. He was given the choice to retire or be court-martialed. Now he's a Congressman.
Completely Israel oriented.
Needs to be voted out of office in November.

Umm Allen West is Mr.

Umm Allen West is Mr. Neo-conservative. He is no friend to the liberty movement:


Thank you for the education.

Thank you for the education. Is there any hope to educate neocons? Or is Rep West just like FOX...leading conservative opposition away from the truth of Liberty?

I think

I may like this guy!

Yah, I like what he has to

Yah, I like what he has to say in this video. Just haven't looked into his voting record...or whatever else he has to say.

Allen West is a "good guy"

Should be considered for the VP slot or another position in the Paul Presidency. ;-)

Soledad on the other hand....yuck

West is part of the establishment

Voted yes to NDAA, very pro war, and in AIPAC's pockets

RP R3VOLution

and voted for

3 extensions of the patriot act, the trespass bill (no protesting if Secret Service is present)voted with the House to raise the debt limit 3 times and to create the Super Congress. He is a wonderful neo-con who had to be dismissed from the military for beating up an Afghanistan and he lied to the American people about it.

And don't get me started on how he loves the Spartans, he thinks its a great system for us to hand our children (as young as 12) over to the military for training and that the State has a claim on your life not you or your parents. That combined with his biblical beliefs he'd make a wonderful Theocratic Dictator - shiverrrr!

" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of they day; but a series of oppresssions...pursued unalterably, through every change of ministers, too plainly proove delibrate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery..."